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Bhaskaran M., Sriram Sh., Iniewski K. (Eds.) Energy Harvesting with Functional Materials and Microsystems

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Bhaskaran M., Sriram Sh., Iniewski K. (Eds.) Energy Harvesting with Functional Materials and Microsystems
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2014. XIV, 275 p. — ISBN-13: 978-1-4665-8725-0 (eBook - PDF) — (Devices, Circuits, and Systems, Book 23).
For decades, people have searched for ways to harvest energy from natural sources. Lately, a desire to address the issue of global warming and climate change has popularized solar or photovoltaic technology, while piezoelectric technology is being developed to power handheld devices without batteries, and thermoelectric technology is being explored to convert wasted heat, such as in automobile engine combustion, into electricity.
Featuring contributions from international researchers in both academics and industry, Energy Harvesting with Functional Materials and Microsystems explains the growing field of energy harvesting from a materials and device perspective, with resulting technologies capable of enabling low-power implantable sensors or a large-scale electrical grid.
In addition to the design, implementation, and components of energy-efficient electronics, the book covers current advances in energy-harvesting materials and technology, including:
High-efficiency solar technologies with lower cost than existing silicon-based photovoltaics
Novel piezoelectric technologies utilizing mechanical energy from vibrations and pressure
The ability to harness thermal energy and temperature profiles with thermoelectric materials
Whether you’re a practicing engineer, academician, graduate student, or entrepreneur looking to invest in energy-harvesting devices, this book is your complete guide to fundamental materials and applied microsystems for energy harvesting.
The Editors
The Contributors
Powering Microsystems with Ambient Energy
Low-Power Energy Harvesting Solutions for Biomedical Devices
Energy Harvesting: Thermoelectric and Microsystems Perspective and Opportunities
Thermopower Wave-Based Micro- and Nanoscale Energy Sources
Polymer Solar Cell: An Energy Source for Low-Power Consumption Electronics
Inverted Organic Solar Cells
Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cell Optimization and Modeling
Piezoelectric Thin Films and Their Application to Vibration Energy Harvesters
Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvesters: Modeling, Design, Limits, and Benchmarking
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