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Burghes D.N., Borrie M.S. Modelling with Differential Equations

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Burghes D.N., Borrie M.S. Modelling with Differential Equations
Ellis Horwood Limited, 1981. — 172 p. — ISBN: 0853122865, 0853122962, 0470271019
A few decades ago only physicists and engineers had any use for mathematical analysis, but today the picture has changed dramatically.
Mathematics now has important applications in biology, economics, geography, planning, sociology, medicine and psychology. In this book we develop the basic theory of one important branch of mathematics, namely ordinary differential equations, and show its application to many varied disciplines.
The text is written primarily for mathematics teachers and students both at school and in further and higher education. The mathematical level is appropriate for first year undergraduates in a number of disciplines, and for bright scholars in 6th forms. We also hope it will be of benefit to teachers in disciplines other than mathematics, who will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the power of mathematical analysis.
Most of the material describes other people's work, although frequently adapted and modified to fit the framework of our text. We gratefully acknowledge the help and inspiration we have gained from the books and articles which are referenced at the end of this text. We are particularly grateful to the Open University for permission to use the data described in Section 3.4.
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