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Mitchell Michael (editor). Ethnic Diversity in the UK. An Imagined Community?

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Mitchell Michael (editor). Ethnic Diversity in the UK. An Imagined Community?
Langenscheidt English Language Teaching, 2008. — 64 pages. — (Viewfinder)
This collection of essential texts is designed to give an insight into who came to the UK, the problems they faced, the reactions of British people, and the challenges and opportunities of living in a modern, ethnically and culturally diverse society.
Each text is accompanied by additional information, structured tasks and hints for further reading to allow students to hear voices that use the medium of English to talk about their diverse society, and to use their understanding and imagination to take part in the debate about the communities of the future.
Since the Second World War British society has gone through extraordinary changes. Is there still a recognizable common British identity?
In the postwar period, immigration, particularly from former colonies in the Caribbean and the Indian subcontinent, led to concerns about the integration of 'minorities' of different races or cultures. In recent years, as a result of globalization, regional conflicts and the opening of the EU to Eastern Europe, the UK has become a place of 'super-diversity', raising new questions about identity and what it means to be British in the 21st century.
Trevor Phillips, Segregation and Integration.
"Hatred begets only hatred".
Sam Selvon, ’’Moses in London’’.
Info: Us and Them.
Info: Caribbean English.
Enoch Powell, The Birmingham Speech.
Info: Where did they go?
Joan Riley, Buying a House.
Linton Kwesi Johnson, Mekkin Histri .
Info: Dub Poetry.
From Riot to Racial Harmony.
’English girl barred from Government job . . . because she is wrong kind of white.
Info: Anti-discrimination laws and PC.
Gary Younge, Mirth of a Nation.
Goodness Gracious Who?
Two sketches from Goodness Gracious Me .
Gurinder Chadha, Going for Goal.
Gautam Malkani, Names.
Xiaolu Guo, Home.
Monica Ali, The Immigrant’s Tragedy.
Hanif Kureishi, My Son the Fanatic.
Info: The requirements of Islam.
Nadeen Aslam, After a Murder.
Info: Islamic Dress.
Abdulrazak Gurnah, An Asylum-Seeker.
Fuelling Resentment.
Info: The British Press: the 'tabloids' and the 'serious' papers.
Marina Lewycka, Dreams.
Geoffrey Alderman, Immigration and Resentment.
Discussion thread from Guardian Unlimited website.
Info: Jewish Voices.
Europe's Tarnished Golden Door?
John Agard, Encounter.
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