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Franses Ph.H., Paap R. Quantitative models in marketing research

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Franses Ph.H., Paap R. Quantitative models in marketing research
Cambridge University Press, 2001, 206 pages, ISBN 0-521-80166-4.
This book presents the most important and practically relevant quantitative models for marketing research. Each model includes a demonstration of the mechanics of the model, empirical analysis, real world examples, and an interpretation of results and findings. The reader will learn how to apply the techniques, as well as understand the latest methodological developments in the academic literature. Students and practitioners with differing numerical skills are guided through the book, although a knowledge of elementary numerical techniques is assumed.
Introduction and outline of the book.
Features of marketing research data.
A continuous dependent variable.
A binomial dependent variable.
An unordered multinomial dependent variable.
An ordered multinomial dependent variable.
A limited dependent variable.
A duration dependent variable.
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