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Sarsby R.W. Environmental Geotechnics

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Sarsby R.W. Environmental Geotechnics
2nd edition. — London: ICE Publishing, 2013. — 519 p. — ISBN 072774187X, ISBN-13: 9780727741875.
Environmental Geotechnics, 2nd edition provides engineers with an overview of the key aspects of the environmental interface with the construction industry and discusses a variety of geotechnical topics including some basic theoretical background knowledge, investigation methods and common geotechnical problems.
This new edition is fully revised and updated with all standards and regulations. It includes new coverage of geothermal energy and material on the use of natural/renewable materials in construction, e.g. timber, geosynthetics, vegetable fibres.
Geotechnics and the environment
Environmental basics
Basics of soil materials
Ground investigation
Compaction and earthworks
Shear strength
Groundwater and permeability
Consolidation and settlement
Slope stability
Retaining structures
Instrumentation and monitoring
Waste disposal by landfill
Contaminated land
Derelict land
Tailings dams
Waste materials in geotechnical construction
Noise and ground vibration
Radioactive waste disposal
Geotechnical design
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