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Bayarmaa Khalzaa. Mongolian language for beginners

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Bayarmaa Khalzaa. Mongolian language for beginners
Улаанбаатар: Lingo Lab, 2012. — 262 х. — ISBN 978-99929-78-49
Баярмаа Халзаагийн. Монгол хэл (эхлэн суралцагчдад зориулав).
This book has fifty lessons. After every five lessons, there is a review lesson and test. Useful words and expressions for twenty different situations are given throughout the book. Grammar is explained in English and tables are used to make it easier to understand. Exercises reflect the type of situations students may face. Verbs used in this text are listed in the appendix with English translations. Mongolian names often consist of real words, which make it difficult for students to know if a word is a name or just a word. In order for students to recognize names easily "маа" is added to women's names and "хүү " to men's names. For example, Энхмаа and Баярхүү. In colloquial speech, it's common for some words to lose their stress and combine with the preceding word. The spoken forms are given in parentheses after the written forms. For example, хийх гэж байгаа [hiihgjaigaa].
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