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Fletcher C.A.J. Computational Galerkin methods

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Fletcher C.A.J. Computational Galerkin methods
Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 1984. – 319 pp. (Springer Series in Computational Physics).
In the wake of the computer revolution, a large number of apparently unconnected computational techniques have emerged. These apparently unrelated techniques are firmly entrenched in computer codes used every day by practicing scientists and engineers. Many of these scientists and engineers have been drawn into the computational area without the benefit offormal computational training. Often the formal computational training we do provide reinforces the arbitrary divisions between the various computational methods available. One of the purposes of this monograph is to show that many computational techniques are, indeed, closely related. The Galerkin formulation, which is being used in many subject areas, provides the connection. Within the Galerkin frame-work we can generate finite element, finite difference, and spectral methods.
Traditional Galerkin Methods.
Computational Galerkin Methods.
Galerkin Finite-Element Methods.
Advanced Galerkin Finite-Element Techniques.
Spectral Methods.
Comparison of Finite Difference, Finite Element and Spectral Methods.
Generalized Galerkin Methods.
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