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Dresner L. Resonance absorption in nuclear reactors

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Dresner L. Resonance absorption in nuclear reactors
Pergamon Press, New York, 1960. – 135 pp.
The purpose of this monograph is to provide a systematic and detailed exposition of the theory of resonance absorption in nuclear reactors. The fulfilment of this purpose, however, is beset with difficulties one o f which is the fact that "a treatise written in great detail" must necessarily be difficult to read. To avoid this generic disadvantage of monographs the author has provided two interwoven texts, one a simplified version of the other. In particular, the entire text has been divided into sections, and the simplified version may be obtained by omitting the reading of those sections marked with a star.
Historical review.
Slowing down of neutrons in an infinite homogeneous medium.
Homogeneous resonance integrals.
Transport theory fundamentals.
Heterogeneous resonance integrals—narrow resonances.
Heterogeneous resonance integrals—wide resonances.
Additional special topics.
Comparison of theory and experiment.
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