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Henry А.F. Nuclear Reactor Analysis

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Henry А.F. Nuclear Reactor Analysis
The MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1975. – 570 pp.
A more informative title for this book would be The Theoretical Foundations of Reactor-Design Methods. But that would be too many words. Also it sounds forbidding and a bit pretentious. It would, however, be precise. It is my thesis that a firm theoretical foundation actually exists and that it can be made intelligible in a rigorous and systematic manner, starting with very simple physical concepts and avoiding, on the one hand, the more esoteric aspects of transport theory and, on the other, the many prescriptions and loosely defined terms that served so well in the early days of reactor design. The attempt to prove this thesis has resulted in a book that omits some parts of what is traditionally called "reactor physics." Instead the emphasis is primarily on the underpinnings of the calculationai methods applicable to three-dimensional heterogeneous reactors. Of necessity the notation becomes complex, and, although the only prior mathematical training assumed is in the areas of differential equations and elementary matrix theory, some of the mathematical manipulations and compact matrix notation introduced in the last few chapters demand very careful attention.
The Starting Point and the Goal.
Reaction Rates.
The Energy Distribution of Neutrons in an Infinite, Homogeneous, Critical Reactor.
Diffusion Theory.
The Determination of Energy-Group Constants in the Presence of Resonance Absorbers.
Fuel Depletion and Its Consequences.
Reactor Kinetics.
The Neutron Transport Equation.
Group Diffusion Theory Derived from the Transport Equation.
The Generation of Equivalent Diffusion-Theory Parameters.
Advanced Methods for Reactor Analysis.
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