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Castor J.I. Radiation Hydrodynamics

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Castor J.I. Radiation Hydrodynamics
Cambridge University Press, New York, 2004. - 368 pp.
The discipline of radiation hydrodynamics is the branch of hydrodynamics in which the moving fluid absorbs and emits electromagnetic radiation, and in so doing modifies its dynamical behavior. That is, the net gain or loss of energy by parcels of the fluid material through absorption or emission of radiation is sufficient to change the pressure of the material, and therefore change its motion; alternatively, the net momentum exchange between radiation and matter may alter the motion of the matter directly. Ignoring the radiation contributions to energy and momentum will give a wrong prediction of the hydrodynamic motion when the correct description is radiation hydrodynamics.
A quick review of gas dynamics.
Numerical hydrodynamics.
Description of radiation.
Steady-state transfer.
The comoving-frame picture.
Hydrodynamics with radiation: waves and stability.
Radiation–matter interactions.
Spectral line transport.
Refraction and polarized light.
Numerical techniques for radiation transport.
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