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Bloch H.P., Soares C. Turboexpanders and Process Applications

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Bloch H.P., Soares C. Turboexpanders and Process Applications
Boston, MA: Gulf Professional Publishing, an imprint of Butterworth-Heinemann, 2001, p. 523.
Why and How Turboexpanders Are Applied
Turboexpander Fundamentals
Application of Cryogenic Turboexpanders
Application of Hot Gas Turboexpanders
Specifying and Purchasing Turboexpanders
Special Features and Controls
Turboexpander Protection and Upgrading
Specific Applications and Case Histories
For many years, turboexpanders have been used in cryogenic processing plants to provide low-temperature refrigeration. Power recovery has been of secondary importance. Expander efficiency determines the amount of refrigeration produced and, in gas process plants, the
amount of product usually depends on the available refrigeration. Accordingly, there is a large premium on efficiency and, of course, on reliability.
The main market for turboexpanders has been in low-pressure air separation plants.
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