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Madrigal M. Madrigal's magical key to French

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Madrigal M. Madrigal's magical key to French
Doubleday, 1959. — 621 p.
This method teaches you to read, write, & speak French in weeks (if you're motivated.) This method has been used successfully by many individuals needing to learn a language quickly. It creatively shows you how much French you already know.
Each chapter is organized into sections introducing new vocabulary, concepts, and ideas, written and oral conversations, "mix & match exercises" for interactive creation of sentences, and translation exercises. Proper written applications are as important as reading and speaking.
Vocabulary is amassed through the introduction of concepts and ideas; leading to the acquistion of hundreds of vocabulary words at a time; as opposed to learning individual words, one-by-one.
Practiced independently or in collective groups, Ms. Madrigal employs exercises which are built on "differentiated learning skills" through actual application; knowledge is reinforced visually, auditively, orally, physically, and using "read-write" applications.
Ms. Madrigal minimizes the challenges of learning GRAMMAR in a foreign language by interweaving and synthesizing it throughout individual parts of her lessons. In her books, grammatical acquisition is simplified via easy, comprehensible, and efficient exercises. She has a gift for transmitting the most difficult lessons of grammar and conjugation of verbs; she makes learning easy by slowly building confidence. She reduces the "overwhelming intimidation" generally associated with beginner start-up.
As an international polyglot, the author demonstrates a deep understanding of "differentiated thinking patterns" associated with a foreign language and culture; she anticipates alternative thinking patterns and her remedies are both reflective, insightful, sensitive, and respectful.
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