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Liu Jun, Davis Tracy, Rizzo Susanne. Communication Strategies 3

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Liu Jun, Davis Tracy, Rizzo Susanne. Communication Strategies 3
Cengage Learning, 2008. — 113 p. — ISBN 978-981-265-914-9.
Communication Strategies is a thoroughly researched and comprehensive four-level course for intermediate to advanced level students. The series covers the vocabulary, language patterns and collocations that students need to communicate actively within a wide range of relevant and interesting topic areas. All new language is recycled throughout the course.
* Features 15 six-page units, each developed around a topic that is relevant and interesting to the learner
* Introduces communication strategies, vocabulary, and useful expressions around each topic, providing opportunities for meaningful practice through pair, group and whole class activities
* Fully integrates collocations and language patterns in natural contexts, and summarizes these in a convenient alphabetized list at the back of the book
* Uses a supporting framework for learning that provides learners with the language and opportunity to express themselves accurately – and with confidence
* Encourages learners to get involved in the learning process, through high-interest topics that are relevant to their daily lives
* Includes ‘Further Activities’ and ‘Consolidation and Recycling’ sections in each unit to ensure that learners receive sufficient opportunity to review new language points
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