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Esteller M. (Ed.) Epigenetics in Biology and Medicine

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Esteller M. (Ed.) Epigenetics in Biology and Medicine
Taylor & Francis Group, 2009. - 316 p. - Anomalous epigenetic patterns touch many areas of study including biomedical, scientific, and industrial. With perspectives from international experts, this resource offers an all-inclusive overview of epigenetics, which bridge DNA information and function by regulating gene expression without modifying the DNA sequence itself.
Epigenetics, in its most basic form, means heredity is not the sole determining factor in disease development. Rather, environmental and dietary factors can trigger a gene to behave in an unintended way, while the gene itself remains unchanged. Epigenetics in Biology and Medicinediscusses cell biology and epigenetics’ role in human, animal, and plant diseases, including distortions in DNA methylation. The text also covers histone modifications, and epigenomics, as well as dietary and environmental impacts on epigenetic changes.
Addresses These Important Questions:
- How promising are HDACi drugs as anti-tumor agents?
- Will restoring normal levels of miRNAs change the course of devastating diseases?
- Is it possible to alter epigenetic mechanisms once they are triggered?
- Is it possible to correct the abnormalities in methylation patterns that impact auto-immunities?
- Represents a Landmark Publication in this Cutting-Edge Field
Dr. Manel Esteller, the editor of the volume, is a leading expert in molecular genetics of endometrial carcinoma. Under his editorial guidance, this publication goes beyond heredity to explain the crucial role of epigenetics in plants and physical and psychological diseases.
This text is applicable to a wide range of researchers, including those invested in the applications of cell biology, those involved in disease research and deciding genetic patterns, and those coalitions concerned with the impact of epigenetics and possible cures. As a result, it has the potential to launch the development of a new class of pharmaceuticals that could have the potential to drastically change the medical landscape in the near future.
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