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Modeling Systems with UML

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Modeling Systems with UML
Popkin Software and Systems, 1998. — 25 p.
(Автор не указан).
What is UML?
UML Provides Standard Notation and Semantics.
UML Is Not a Method.
UML 1.1 Extensions.
Business Modeling Extensions.
Object Constraint Language (OCL).
Further extensions.
Responsibility-Driven Analysis with CRC Cards.
Relational Data Modeling.
An Overview of UML.
A Use Case Driven Tour.
Use Cases and Interaction Diagrams.
Class and Implementation Diagrams.
CRC Cards – An Informal UML Extension.
State Diagrams.
Implementing the Design.
Testing Against Requirements.
An In-Depth Look at UML.
Organizing Your System With Packages.
Use Case Modeling.
Capture and/or Verify Requirements.
Organization of Use Case Diagrams.
A Use Case for Every Scenario.
Model Alternate Sequences Through "Extends" Relationship.
Eliminate Redundant Modeling Through "Uses" Relationship.
Use Cases Aid in Testing System Against Requirements.
Sequence Diagrams.
Collaboration Diagrams.
Analysis and Design with the Class Diagram.
Development of Class Diagram During Analysis.
Design of System with Class Diagram.
Modeling Class Behavior with State Diagram.
Activity Diagrams.
Using Activity Diagrams to Model Use Cases.
Using Activity Diagrams to Model Classes.
Modeling Software Components.
Modeling Distribution and Implementation.
Relational Database Design – a UML Extension.
Use of a Modeling Tool.
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