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Bing B. 3D and HD Broadband Video Networking

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Bing B. 3D and HD Broadband Video Networking
Издательство Artech House, 2000, -319 pp.
Streaming live and on-demand digital video content over the Internet and in telecommunications and broadcast networks is prevalent. In addition to broadband service providers (e.g., cable, digital subscriber line, satellite, digital video broadcast), Web content providers, including video aggregators, have increasingly large volumes of video on their sites and are making them more discoverable, helping drive usage and ad revenue. A large number of online marketing initiatives now employ video to help promote products in a far more enriching, entertaining, and informative manner than typical 30-second TV slots allow. The last digital island, the TV, is finally joining the PC and mobile phone as an Internet connected device. Leading vendors such as Sony announced that 90% of their HDTVs will be broadband-enabled in the future. Panasonic and LG have both released Skype-enabled HDTVs with embedded HD webcams, and video codecs and processors. These developments will have a profound impact on the distribution and consumption of digital media.
Online video companies have raised nearly half a billion dollars in new capital for 2009. The vast potential of the market is only evident since the two years or so and this potential is matched by impressive statistics––nearly 250 billion online video views were reported for 2009. Investors recognize the low cost of deployment and pervasiveness of the service will dramatically change the way consumers access video entertainment and the way providers and advertisers compete. More significantly, the Internet can indeed deliver crystal-clear, high-quality video on a big screen, comparable to payTV service but without the inconvenience of appointment-based viewing. Even retail giants such as Best Buy, Sears, and Walmart are joining the online video ecosystem. To counter the online TV revolution, major cable, telephone, and satellite companies have also started to place premium content online (e.g., TV shows, sports, movies), just like many content owners and distributors (e.g., CBS, ESPN3, Starz, Netfli-x, Hulu).
This book addresses the key challenges facing cable, DSL, and wireless providers in delivering high quality next-generation video and discusses solutions to enhance customer satisfaction via improved quality of experience and service. It describes important techniques that can be exploited to enhance video transmission over a broad range of networks: bandwidth-constrained managed private networks (e.g., payTV networks), error-prone over-the-air broadcast networks (e.g., terrestrial wireless and satellite networks), as well as unmanaged online networks (i.e., the public Internet) that often lose packets due to network congestion. The applications are wide-ranging––in addition to payTV service, the techniques can be adapted to maximize the bandwidth utilization of diverse video transport platforms such as video-on-demand, mobile video, digital video broadcast, Internet-enabled TV, third-party and user-generated video streaming. This will, in turn, benefit service providers by enabling more channels or videos to be carried in their channel lineup and help attract new customers or give existing customers more value for their subscriptions.
Empowering High-Quality Digital Video Delivery
The Access and Home Networks
Video Fundamentals
The H.264 Standard
Short-Term H.264 Bandwidth Prediction
Long-Term H.264 Bandwidth Prediction
Lossless FMO Removal for H.264 Videos
Error Concealment Methods for Improving Video Quality
Video Traffic Smoothing and Multiplexing
Intelligent Policy Resource Management
Supporting Compressed Video Applications over DOCSIS Cable Networks
Intelligent Activity Detection Techniques for Advanced Video Surveillance Systems
Hand Gesture Control for Broadband-Enabled HDTVs and Multimedia PCs
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