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Maass E., McNair P.D. Applying Design for Six Sigma to Software and Hardware Systems

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Maass E., McNair P.D. Applying Design for Six Sigma to Software and Hardware Systems
Prentice Hall PTR, 2009. — 456 p. — ISBN: 013714430X, 9780137144303
Their clear, start-to-finish roadmap is designed for successfully developing complex high-technology products and systems that require both software and hardware development.
Drawing on their unsurpassed experience leading Six Sigma at Motorola, the authors cover the entire project lifecycle, from business case through scheduling, customer-driven requirements gathering through execution. They provide real-world examples for applying their techniques to software alone, hardware alone, and systems composed of both. Product developers will find proven job aids and specific guidance about what teams and team members need to do at every stage.
Using this book?s integrated, systems approach, marketers, software professionals, and hardware developers can converge all their efforts on what really matters: addressing the customer?s true needs.
Learn how to
Ensure that your entire team shares a solid understanding of customer needs
Define measurable critical parameters that reflect customer requirements
Thoroughly assess business case risk and opportunity in the context of product roadmaps and portfolios
Prioritize development decisions and scheduling in the face of resource constraints
Flow critical parameters down to quantifiable, verifiable requirements for every sub-process, subsystem, and component
Use predictive engineering and advanced optimization to build products that robustly handle variations in manufacturing and usage
Verify system capabilities and reliability based on pilots or early production samples
Master new statistical techniques for ensuring that supply chains deliver on time, with minimal inventory
Choose the right DFSS tools, using the authors? step-by-step flowchart
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