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Quintiere J.G. Fundamentals of Fire Phenomena

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Quintiere J.G. Fundamentals of Fire Phenomena
Chichester: Wiley & Sons. - 2006. - 439 p. This book is intended as a senior level or graduate text following introductory courses in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat and mass transfer. Students need general calculus with a working knowledge of elementary ordinary differential equations. I believe the presentation in this text is unique in that it is the first fire text to emphasize combustion aspects and to demonstrate the continuity of the subject matter for fire as a discipline. It builds from chemical thermodynamics and the control volume approach to establish the connection between premixed and diffusion flames in the fire growth sequence. It culminates in the system dynamics of compartment fires without embracing the full details of zone models. Those details can be found in the text Enclosure Fire Dynamics by B. Karlsson and J. G. Quintiere. The current text was influenced by the pioneering work of Dougal Drysdale, An Introduction to Fire Dynamics, as that framed the structure of my course in that subject over the last 20 years. It is intended as a pedagogical exposition designed to give the student the ability to look beneath the engineering formulas. In arriving at the key engineering results, sometimes an extensive equation development is used. Hopefully some students may find this development useful, while others might find it distracting. Also the text is not a comprehensive representation of the literature, but will cite key contributions as illustrative or essential for the course development.
Introduction to Fire
Conservation Laws for Control Volumes
Premixed Flames
Spontaneous Ignition
Ignition of Liquids
Ignition of Solids
Fire Spread on Surfaces and Through Solid Media
Burning Rate
Fire Plumes
Compartment Fires
Scaling and Dimensionless Groups
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