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Schaller G. Open Quantum Systems Far from Equilibrium

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Schaller G. Open Quantum Systems Far from Equilibrium
Lecture Notes in Physics, vol. 881 — Springer, Cham Heidelberg New York Dordrecht London 2014 - 207p.
This monograph provides graduate students and also professional researchers aiming to understand the dynamics of open quantum systems with a valuable and self-contained toolbox. Special focus is laid on the link between microscopic models and the resulting open-system dynamics. This includes how to derive the celebrated Lindblad master equation without applying the rotating wave approximation. As typical representatives for non-equilibrium configurations it treats systems coupled to multiple reservoirs (including the description of quantum transport), driven systems, and feedback-controlled quantum systems. Each method is illustrated with easy-to-follow examples from recent research. Exercises and short summaries at the end of every chapter enable the reader to approach the frontiers of current research quickly and make the book useful for quick reference.
Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems
Microscopic Derivation
Exactly Solvable Models
Technical Tools
Composite Non-equilibrium Environments
Piecewise Constant Control
Controlled Systems
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