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Awrejcewicz J. (Ed.) Computational and Numerical Simulations

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Awrejcewicz J. (Ed.) Computational and Numerical Simulations
AvE4EvA, 2014. 475 p. — ISBN-10 9535112201, ISBN-13 978-9535112204.
Book handles the recent research devoted to numerical simulations of physical and engineering systems. It presents both new theories and their applications, showing bridge between theoretical investigations and possibility to apply them by engineers of different branches of science.
Numerical simulations play a key role in both theoretical and application oriented research.
Application of the Lyapunov Exponents and Wavelets to Study and Control of Plates and Shells
RANS Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Particulate Pipe Flow for Fixed Reynolds Number
RSTM Numerical Simulation of Channel Particulate Flow with Rough Wall
Numerical Modelling of a Cutting Arc Torch
Unsteady Flowfield Characteristics Over Blunt Bodies at High Speed
Computer Modelling of Radial-Direct Extrusion of Porous Powder Billets
Numerical Simulations of Post-Critical Behaviour of Thin- Walled Load-Bearing Structures Applied in Aviation
Processor-in-the-Loop Simulations Applied to the Design and Evaluation of a Satellite Attitude Control
Application of the Liu and Murakami Damage Model for Creep Crack Growth Predictions in Power Plant Steels
Large-eddy simulation of turbulent flows with applications to atmospheric boundary layer research
Investigation of Sensitivity to Heavy-Ion Irradiation of Junctionless Double-Gate MOSFETs by 3-D Numerical Simulation
Stimulated Raman Scattering with a Relativistic Vlasov- Maxwell Code: Cascades of Nonstationary Nonlinear Kinetic Interactions
Tracking Mean Field Dynamics by Synchronous Computations of Recurrent Multilayer Perceptrons
Methods for Blind Estimation of Speckle Variance in SAR Images: Simulation Results and Verification for Real-Life Data
Spectral Study with Automatic Formant Extraction to Improve Non-native Pronunciation of English Vowels
Experimental Determinations and Numerical Simulations of the Effects of Electromagnetic Interferences into the Overhead Power Lines with Double Circuit, Operating with a Disconnected Circuit
Computational Modeling and Monte Carlo Simulation of Soft Errors in Flash Memories
Numerical Calculation for Lightning Response to Grounding Systems Buried in Horizontal Multilayered Earth Model Based on Quasi-Static Complex Image Method
Development of Sand Spits and Cuspate Forelands with Rhythmic Shapes and Their Deformation by Effects of Construction of Coastal Structures
Nonparametric Model for Business Performance Evaluation in Forestry
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