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Basu P., Kefa C., Jestin L. Boilers and Burners: Design and Theory

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Basu P., Kefa C., Jestin L. Boilers and Burners: Design and Theory
Springer-Verlag New York, 2000. XIII, 566 p. — ISBN 978-1-4612-7061-4.
A joint effort of three continents, this book is about rational utilization of the fossil fuels for generation of heat or power. It provides a synthesis of two scientific traditions: the high-performance, but often proprietary, Western designs, and the elaborate national standards based on less advanced Eastern designs; it presents both in the same Western format. It is intended for engineers and advanced undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in steam power plants, burners, or furnaces. The text uses a format of practice based on theory: each chapter begins with an explanation of a process, with basic theory developed from first principles; then empirical relationships are presented and, finally, design methods are explained by worked out examples. It will thus provide researchers with a resource for applications of theory to practice. Plant operators will find solutions to and explanations of many of their daily operational problems. Designers will find this book ready with required data, design methods and equations. Finally, consultants will find it very useful for design evaluation.
Content Level » Research
Keywords » Boilers - Burners - Combustion - Power generation
Related subjects » Energy Technology - Mechanical Engineering
Series Preface
Principles of Boiler Operation
Classification of Boilers
Description of Boilers
General Design Considerations
Boiler Specifications
Design Steps
Fuel and Combustion Calculations
Features of Fuel
Stoichiometric Calculations
Enthalpy Calculation of Air and Combustion Products
Heat Balance
Generation of S02 and NOx
Coal Preparation Systems for Boilers
Coal Preparation Systems
Pulverizing Properties of Coal
Pulverizing Air System
Size-Reducing Machines
Other Components for Coal Preparation Systems
Design of Coal Preparation System for Pulverized Coal Boilers
Fuel Feeding in Fluidized Bed Boilers
Design of Oil Burners
Design of Oil Supply System
Oil Atomizers
Air Registers
Design Principles of Oil Fired Boilers
Boiler Furnace Design Methods
General Design Principles
Flame Emissivity
Heat Transfer Calculations for the PC Boiler Furnace
Water Wall Arrangement
Fouling and Thermal Efficiency Factors for Water Wall Tubes
Temperature Field Coefficient, M
Furnace Emissivity
Distribution of Heat Load in Furnace
Convective Heating Surfaces
Design of Superheater and Reheater
Temperature Control in Superheater and Reheater
Adjustment of Heat Absorption in Superheater and Reheater
Air Heater
Arrangement of Back-Pass Heating Surfaces
Heat Transfer Calculations for Convective Heating Surfaces
Design Methods of Convection Heating Surfaces
Swirl Burners
Design of a Swirl Burner
Flow Resistance in Swirl Burners
Examples of Swirl Burners
Arrangement of Multiple Swirl Burners
Design Procedure of Swirl Burners
Design of Novel Burners
Types of PC Burners
PC Burner With Blunt Body
Precombustion Chamber Burner
Boat Burner
Co-Flow Jet Burner With High Differential Velocity
Counter-Flow Jet Burner
Dense and Lean Phase PC Burner
Down-Shot Flame Combustion Technique
Low NOx Burner
Tangentially Fired Burners
General Descriptions
Design of Burners With Peripheral Air
Design of Tilting Burners
Burners for Bituminous Coal
Anthracite and Lean Coal Fired PC Burner
Brown Coal Fired Direct Burner
Multifuel Burner
Design Methods for Tangentially Fired Boilers
Example of Burner Design
Fluidized Bed Boilers
Fluidized Bed Boiler
Major Features of Fluidized Bed Boilers
Basics of Fluidized Beds
Bubbling Fluidized Bed Boilers
Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers
Distributor Plates
Loop Seals
Gas-Solid Separators
Steam-Water Circulation in Boiler
Natural Circulation System
Calculations for Simple and Complex Tube Circuits
Two-Phase Flow Resistance
Height of Economizer Section in the Riser
Worked-Out Example
Forced Circulation for Supercritical or Subcritical Boilers
General Description
Design Principle of Forced Circulation Boiler
Features of Forced Circulation Boilers
Supercritical Boilers
Corrosion and Fouling of Heat Transfer Surfaces
High-Temperature Corrosion of External Surfaces
Prevention of High-Temperature Corrosion
Low-Temperature Corrosion on External Surfaces
Corrosion and Scaling of Internal Surfaces
Fouling and Siagging
Calculation of Soot and Ash Deposition
Prediction of Siagging Potential
Design Measure for Reduction of Fouling and Slagging
Erosion Prevention in Boilers
Theory of Erosion of Heating Surfaces
Worked-Out Example
Factors Influencing Tube Erosion
Analyses of Erosion of Tube Banks in Cross-Flow
Permissible Gas Velocity for Safe Operation
Erosion Protection for the Economizer,
Reheater, and Superheater
Erosion in Tubular Air Heaters
Erosion in Fluidized Bed Boilers
Pressure Drop in Gas and Air Ducts
Draft Systems
Pressure Drop in Air and Gas Duct Systems
Pressure Drop Across Heating Surfaces
Pressure Drop in Natural Draft Gas Path
Pressure Drop Through Air Ducts
Selection of Fans
Pressure Drop Through Water or Steam Tubes
Mechanical Design of Pressure Parts
Selection of Materials
mportant Mechanical Properties of Various Materials
Fundamental Metallurgical Concepts
to Improve Steel Properties
Design Methods
Thickness (Scantling) Calculations
Tables of Design Data
Specific heat of air, flue gas and ash at atmospheric pressure
Some physical properties of iron, metal, and selected steels
Linear thermal expansion of steel
Specific heat capacity of steel
Electrical resistivity of steel
Thermal conductivity of steel
Density, heat capacity, and heat conductivity for metals
Thermal properties of the saturated water and steam (arranged by temperature)
Thermal properties of the saturated water and steam (arranged by pressure)
Thermal properties of unsaturated water and superheated steam at different pressures
Conversion factors
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