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Miller C. Vault Career Guide to International Development

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Miller C. Vault Career Guide to International Development
Vault Inc., January 2009. — 144 p. — ISBN: 978-1-58131-621-6
Careers in international development generally involve work in developing countries, the underlying goal being the improvement of living standards. Professional development practitioners include nongovernmental organizations, civil society organizations, private voluntary organizations and some private companies, and development projects may work with the public, civil or private sectors, using resources from developed countries to fund such projects.
This Vault guide provides a thorough and insightful overview of this exciting industry, describing the challenges of working in the field as well as the plentiful rewards—from the fulfillment of contributing to the public good and building sustainability to the opportunity to travel and live abroad.
Table of Contents
The Scoop
Introducing the Industry
How It Works
Types of Implementing Agencies
Is It for You?
Getting Hired
Education and Experience
Types of Employment and Job Search Strategies
The Hiring Process
On The Job
Career Paths
Culture, Compensation and Benefits
About the Author
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