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Grey C.G. Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War I

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Grey C.G. Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War I
Studio, 1990. — 248 p. — ISBN 1851703470.
Divided into two very large sections; Part A - Aircraft and Part B - Aero Engines (missing in this scan), this is an exhaustive study of the aircraft of all nations involved in the 1914-1918 conflict. Countries are listed almost alphabetically (although Britain is listed after China. The Commonwealth countries of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India and South Africa appear immediately after Britain - and these are followed by a brief entry for Bulgaria followed by Denmark!). Within each country's listing, all aircraft then appear in strict alphabetical order by manufacturer. The work commences, however, with an interesting preface and an equally illuminating introduction entitled `Aircraft in the War' from which we learn of Balloon-Aprons, early seaplanes, HMS' Argos and Furious and much more besides.
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