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Lavagno L., Martin G., Selic B.V. (Eds.) UML for Real: Design of Embedded Real-Time Systems

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Lavagno L., Martin G., Selic B.V. (Eds.) UML for Real: Design of Embedded Real-Time Systems
Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003. — 388 p. — ISBN: 1402075014, 9781402075018
UML for Real: Design of Embedded Real-Time Systems aims to show the reality of UML as a medium for specification and implementation of real-time systems, illustrating both the current capabilities and limits of UML for this task, and future directions that will improve its usefulness for real-time and embedded product design. It will also cover selected applications examples. The book is an edited volume of solicited chapters.
About the Editors
Models, Software Models and UML; B.Selic
UML for Real-Time; S.Gerard and F.Terrier
Structural Modeling with UML 2.0; O.Haugen, B.Moller-Pedersen and T.Weigert
Message Sequence Charts; D.Harel and P.S.Thiagarajan
UML and Platform-based Design; R.Chen, M.Sgroi, L.Lavagno, G.Martin, A.Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and J.Rabaey
UML for Hardware and Software Object Modeling; M.Edwards and P.Green
Fine Grained Patterns for Real-Time Systems; B.P.Douglass
Archtictural Patterns for Real-Time Systems; B.Selic
Modeling Quality of Service with UML; B.Selic
Modeling Metric Time; L.Motus
Performance Analysis with UML; D.C.Petriu and C.M.Woodside
Schedulability Analysis with UML; M.DiNatale and M.Saksena
Automotive UML; M.VonDerBeeck, P.Braun, M.Rappl and C.Schroder
Specifying Telecommunications Systems with UML; T.Weigert and R.Reed
Leveraging UML to Deliver Correct Telecom Applications; S.Baranov, C.Jervis, V.Kotlyarov, A.Letichevsky and T.Weigert
Software Performance Engineerign; C.U.Smith and L.G.Williams
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