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Michalena E., Hills J.M. (Eds.) Renewable Energy Governance: Complexities and Challenges

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Michalena E., Hills J.M. (Eds.) Renewable Energy Governance: Complexities and Challenges
Springer London Heidelberg New York Dordrecht, 2013. IX, 397 p. 40 illus. — ISBN 978-1-4471-5594-2, ISBN 978-1-4471-5595-9 (eBook), DOI 10.1007/978-1-4471-5595-9 — (Lecture Notes in Energy, Vol. 57).
Identifies the key principles associated with RE governance to explore the concerns and issues associated with energy governance
Provides case studies to highlight the complexity of energy governance and to consider different solutions
Includes examples and chapters from across the globe to cover a range of examples and scenarios such as fast developing countries, lesser developing countries, small island developing states
This book focuses on Renewable Energy (RE) governance - the institutions, plans, policies and stakeholders that are involved in RE implementation - and the complexities and challenges associated with this much discussed energy area. Whilst RE technologies have advanced and become cheaper, governance schemes rarely support those technologies in an efficient and cost-effective way.
To illustrate the problem, global case-studies delicately demonstrate successes and failures of renewable energy governance. RE here is considered from a number of perspectives: as a regional geopolitical agent, as a tool to meet national RE targets and as a promoter of local development. The book considers daring insights on RE transitions, governmental policies as well as financial tools, such as Feed-in-Tariffs; along with their inefficiencies and costs. This comprehensive probing of RE concludes with a treatment of what we call the Mega-What question - who is benefitting the most from RE and how society can get the best deal?
After reading this book, the reader will have been in contact with all aspects of RE governance and be closer to the pulse of RE mechanisms. The reader should also be able to contribute more critically to the dialogue about RE rather than just reinforce the well-worn adage that RE is a good thing to happen
Content Level » Research
Keywords » Energy Business Strategy - Governmental Agency in Energy Policy - Low Carbon Economy - Public Sector Sustainability Gains - Renewable Energy Policy & Governance
Related subjects » Energy Technology - Policy, Economics, Management & Transport
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