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Gerrard P., Thompson N. Risk Based E-Business Testing

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Gerrard P., Thompson N. Risk Based E-Business Testing
Artech House, 2002. — 430 p. — Series: Artech House Computer Library. — ISBN: 1580533140, 9781580533140
Professionals in the world of e-business need a reliable way of gauging the risks associated with new endeavours. This hands-on guide presents an effective approach to using risk to conduct test strategies. It helps professionals understand the risks of e-business and conduct risk analysis that identifies the areas of most concern. The book provides the know-how to prepare a test strategy based on early risk analysis and to construct the detailed test process that meets the needs of management. Using a technique called Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA), the book shows how to use risk-based methodologies in e-business development, especially when developing novel applications using new technologies. This guide should be of interest to: e-business developers, managers and technical staff; software testers; and test and product managers.
The Risk-Based Testing Approach
Introduction to Risk-Based Testing
Risk Management and Testing
Risk: A Better Language for Software Testing
Risk-Based Test Strategy
Risk-Based E-Business Testing
E-Business and the Consequences of Failure
Types of Web Site Failures
E-Business Test Strategy
From Risk Analysis to a Test Process
E-Business Test Techniques and Tools
Static Testing
Web Page Integration Testing
Functional Testing
Service Testing
Usability Assessment
Security Testing
Large-Scale Integration Testing
Postdeployment Monitoring
Tools for E-Business Testing
Making E-Business Testing Happen
The Context of E-Business Testing
E-Business Test Organization, Planning, and Specification
E-Business Test Execution
Appendix. Essential Web Technologies for Testers
Appendix. Web Testing Using Home-Brew Tools
List of Acronyms and Abbreviations
About the Authors
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