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Truman Nate. 15 Things Highly Happy Wives and Girlfriends Understand About Men That You Don't

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Truman Nate. 15 Things Highly Happy Wives and Girlfriends Understand About Men That You Don't
2013, ASIN: B00BN3L3G8.
Here are some of the truths you'll learn in this book that will make dealing with the man in your life MUCH easier:
Why you're setting yourself up for failure when you think about "what you want in a man"- and the correct way to frame that topic.
The thing that drives men crazy that you do when you're having "one-on-one" time that makes him not want to agree to spend time with you the next time.
What happens in a man's mind when you call names and act like a baby during a fight, even though he doesn't say anything.
The one thing a man wishes you would acknowledge once in awhile, which would result in him giving you a lot more attention.
The double standards that you try to hold your man to that you don't realize you're doing.
The relationship-destroying financial issues that make men furious that women don't seem to understand(until you read this of course).
What every woman knows she shouldn't do, but does, but doesn't think she does.
The real reason he never wants to help out around the house, and how to approach the topic so that he turns into your personal maid.
The golden word to use when you're teaching your man how to do something right, and the one word that will instantly make him shut you out.
The RIGHT way to give and receive criticism.
Another big thing you know you're not supposed to do. but you do.
The sooner you realize that you're not the official "Coach", the sooner you man will like going places with you a lot better.
The one week experiment that will drastically reduce the number of fights you and your man get into.
There is one chapter in particular you should read every time you feel like you have some "advice" or "tips" for your man.
Another one week experiment that will probably prevent ANY fights.
The thing your man needs daily like you need attention.
What "pre-relationship" elements should stay in place, and which ones should change.
How you act like his "second mother", and why you should stop ASAP.
How you might be making your man act shady and defensive, even if he's not actually hiding anything.
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