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Holzman E. Essentials of RF and Microwave Grounding

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Holzman E. Essentials of RF and Microwave Grounding
Artech House, 2006. — 226 p. — ISBN 1580539416.
Grounding is a widespread and serious problem in microwave and RF engineering and, up until now, there hasn't been a practical, authoritative resource dedicated to the topic. This first-of-its-kind volume offers professionals a comprehensive understanding of the proper grounding techniques to use when working on varied microwave circuit and antenna design projects. Practitioners learn what problems can occur when grounding design is inadequate, and how to avoid them. The book covers a wide range of critical topics, from the fundamentals of low frequency circuit theory and the differences between DC and RF short circuits.to grounding in active microwave component design and grounding issues related to antennas.
Introduction to grounding.
Grounding for DC and Low-Frequency AC Circuits.
RF Grounding.
Why RF Grounding Is Important.
Electromagnetic theory.
Microwave Engineering—Focus on the Electromagnetic Field.
Electrostatics and DC Ground.
Electromagnetic Radiation and Antennas.
Transmission lines, waveguides, and passive circuits.
Fundamental Theory.
Coaxial Transmission Line.
Wire Transmission Lines.
Planar Transmission Lines.
DC Short Circuits and Via Holes.
RF Short and Open Circuits.
Printed Circuit Boards.
Transmission line transitions.
Fundamentals and Applications.
Coaxial Line to Microstrip Transitions.
Waveguide to Microstrip Transitions.
Microstrip Transitions to Other Planar.
Transmission Lines.
Transitions in Microwave Test Circuits.
Active microwave devices and circuits.
Microwave Diodes.
Microwave Transistors.
Semiconductor Device Grounding Methods.
Grounding of Microwave Subsystems.
Fundamental Concepts.
Interaction Between Ground Planes and Radiating Sources.
Wire Antennas over Ground Planes.
Aperture Antennas over Ground Planes.
Connecting Antennas to Microwave Circuits.
About the Author.
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