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Rivin E.I. Stiffness and Damping in Mechanical Design

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Rivin E.I. Stiffness and Damping in Mechanical Design
New York - Basel. 1999. Marcel Dekker. 514 p. ISBN: 0-8247-1722-8
Introduction and Definitions
Stiffness of Structural Components: Modes of Loading
Nonlinear and Variable Stiffness Systems: Preloading
Contact (Joint) Stiffness and Damping
Supporting Systems and Foundations
Stiffness and Damping of Power Transmission Systems and Drives
Design Techniques for Reducing Structural Deformations and Damping Enhancement
Use of ‘‘Managed Stiffness’’ in Design
Appendix 1 Single-Degree-of-Freedom Dynamic Systems with Damping
Appendix 2 Static Stiffness Breakdown for Cylindrical (OD) Grinders
Appendix 3 Influence of Axial Force on Beam Vibrations Articles of Interest
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