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Reiners P.W., Ehlers T.A. (eds.) Low-Temperature Thermochronology: Tehniques, Interpretations, and Applications

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Reiners P.W., Ehlers T.A. (eds.) Low-Temperature Thermochronology: Tehniques, Interpretations, and Applications
Geochemical Society, 2005. — 622 p. — (Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry, Vol. 58).
Past, present, and future of thermochronology by Peter W. Reiners, Todd A. Ehlers, and Peter K. Zeitler.
Fundamentals of fission-track thermochronology by Takahiro Tagami, Paul B. O'Sullivan.
Apatite fission-track analysis by Raymond A. Donelick, Paul B. O'Sullivan, and Richard A. Ketcham.
Zircon fission-track thermochronology and applications to fault studies by Takahiro Tagami.
Fundamentals of noble gas thermochronometry by T. Mark Harrison and Peter K. Zeitler.
Zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronometry by Peter W. Reiners.
4He/3He thermochronometry: theory, practice, and potential complications by David L. Shuster and Kenneth A. Farley.
Fission-track analysis of detrital zircon by Matthias Bernet and John I. Garver.
40Ar/39Ar thermochronology of detrital minerals by Kip V. Hodges, Katherine Watson Ruhl, C.W. Wobus, and M.S. Pringle.
Forward modeling and interpretation of (U-Th)/He ages by Tibor J. Dunai.
Forward and inverse modeling of low-temperature thermochronometry data by Richard A. Ketcham.
Crustal thermal processes and the interpretation of thermochronometer data by Todd A. Ehlers.
Quantitative constraints on the rate of landform evolution derived from low-temperature thermochronology by Jean Braun.
Exploiting 3D spatial sampling in inverse modeling of thermochronological data by Kerry Gallagher, John Stephenson, Roderick Brown, Chris Holmes, and Pedro Ballester.
Continuous thermal histories from inversion of closure profiles by T. Mark Harrison, Marty Grove, Oscar M. Lovera, and Peter K. Zeitler.
Application of low-temperature thermochronometry to extensional tectonic settings by Daniel F. Stockli.
Applications of low-temperature thermochronometry to quantification of recent exhumation in mountain belts by James Spotila.
Application of thermochronology to hydrothermal ore deposits by Brent I. A. McInnes, Noreen J. Evans, Frank Q. Fu, and Steve Garwin.
Thermochronometers in sedimentary basins by Phillip A. Armstrong.
Visualizing thermotectonic and denudation histories using apatite fission track thermochronology
by Barry P. Kohn, Andrew J.W. Gleadow, Roderick W. Brown, Kerry Gallagher, Matevz Lorencak, and Wayne P. Noble.
Low-temperature thermochronometry of meteorites by Kyoungwon Min.
Computational tools for low-temperature thermochronometer interpretation
by Todd A. Ehlers, Tehmasp Chaudhri, Santosh Kumar, Chris W. Fuller, Sean D. Willett, Richard A. Ketcham, Mark T. Brandon, David X. Belton, Barry P. Kohn, Andrew J.W. Gleadow, Tibor J. Dunai, and Frank Q. Fu.
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