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Jenkins B., Mullinger P. Industrial and Process Furnaces: Principles, Design and Operation

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Jenkins B., Mullinger P. Industrial and Process Furnaces: Principles, Design and Operation
2nd Edition. — Elsevier Ltd., 2014. — ISBN-13: 978-0-08-099377-5.
Key Features
Up-to-date and comprehensive reference encompassing not only best practice of operation but the essential elements of furnace theory and design, essential to anyone working with furnaces, ovens and combustion-based systems.
More case studies, more worked examples.
New material in this second edition includes further application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), with additional content on flames and burners, costs, efficiencies and future trends.
Furnaces sit at the core of all branches of manufacture and industry, so it is vital that these are designed and operated safely and effi-ciently. This reference provides all of the furnace theory needed to ensure that this can be executed successfully on an industrial scale.
Industrial and Process Furnaces: Principles, 2nd Edition provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of furnace operation and design, including topics essential for process engineers and operators to better understand furnaces. This includes: the combustion process and its control, furnace fuels, efficiency, burner design and selection, aerodynamics, heat release profiles, furnace atmosphere, safety and emissions. These elements and more are brought together to illustrate how to achieve optimum design and operation, with real-world case studies to showcase
their application.
Professional engineers (chemical, mechanical, power, process, HVAC, environmental), designers, production staff who use heat and combustion as part of a process
Advanced students of Chemical, Mechanical and Powever Engineering (as a reference) dealing with energy conversion/thermal engineering.
Table of Contents
The Combustion Process
Fuels for Furnaces
Furnace Heat Transfer
Furnace Burners
Combustion and Heat Transfer Modelling
Fuel Handling Systems
Furnace Control and Safety
Furnace Efficiency
Emissions and Environmental Impact
Furnace Construction and Materials
The Design Process
Future Trends Economic Evaluation
Real Furnace Applications
Future Trends and Concluding Remarks
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