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Qiu R., Wicks M. Cognitive Networked Sensing and Big Data

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Qiu R., Wicks M. Cognitive Networked Sensing and Big Data
Springer, 2013 © 2014. — 632 p. 17 illus., 16 illus. in color — ISBN: 9781461445449
Cognitive Networked Sensing and Big Data defines high-dimensional data processing in the context of wireless distributed computing and cognitive sensing. This book presents the challenges that are unique to this area such as synchronization caused by the high mobility of the nodes. The authors discuss the integration of software defined radio implementation and testbed development. The book also bridges new research results and contextual reviews. Additionally, the authors provide an examination of large cognitive radio network; hardware testbed; distributed sensing; and distributed computing.
Keywords » Clock Distribution - Cognitive Radio Network - Cognitive Sensing - Distributed Computing - Distributed Intrusion Detection - Large Random Matrices - Large-Scale Network - L’evy Stable Distributions - Software-Defined Radio (SDR) - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Fundamentals for Cognitive Radios.- Synchronization.- Network Control.- Concentration of Eigenvalues and their Functionals.- Non-Asymptotic, Local Theory of Random Matrices.- Asymptotic, Global Theory of Random Matrices.- Compressed Sensing and Sparse Recovery.- Matrix Completion and Low-Rank Matrix Recovery.- Covariance Matrix Estimation in High Dimensions.- Detection in High Dimensions.- Database Friendly Data Processing.- From Network to Big Data.
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