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Acevedo C.H. Native American Health Recipes

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Acevedo C.H. Native American Health Recipes
2000. — 134 pages.
These recipes have been updated and revised in November 1996 and updated in March 2000 to new findings and research that is better suited to Native populations using these recipes.
In the modernization of food processing, today we are indeed consuming upwards of several thousand chemicals. These are designed to make food look good; be preserved for long periods of time (indefinitely in some cases); to retard oxidation and spoilage, and mostly to enhance the taste needs of modern people. Sadly as our tastes change (higher salt and sugar intakes), the food industry adjusts their food processing. Today catsup contains approximately 28 percent sugar; cherry jell contains up to 82 percent sugar, ETC.
Additionally many of the chemicals used are questionable for human consumption. The truth is that we should eat our aboriginal foods when ever possible. As an example Native Americans have a high rate of allergies and medical problems cause by Milk and Wheat (lactose & gluten). Yet, these food are wonderful for some people. Finally a simple good rule: is IF YOU CAN’T PRONOUNCE IT, DON’T EAT IT.
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