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Rehm S. (ed.) Multilingual Dictionary of Agronomic Plants

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Rehm S. (ed.) Multilingual Dictionary of Agronomic Plants
Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht, 1994. — 293 pp.
ISBN 978-94-010-4421-9.
ISBN 978-94-011-0972-7 (eBook).
The Dictionary contains the names of nearly 2500 plant species, in some cases including subspecies and varieties. Tropical crops from all parts of the world receive the same attention as those from the temperate zone. Common names are given not only in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish but also in many other languages, where such names are used in the technical literature.
"Agronomic plants" comprise not only the agricultural and horticultural crops but also pasture plants, green manure, soil covers, trees used in agroforestry, and major weeds. Also included are plants which are presently being discussed as new crops, with considerable economic value. The Dictionary will meet the needs not only of scientists in agriculture, botany and geography but also those of agricultural extensionists, merchants in agricultural products and professional translators.
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