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Chomsky Noam. Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians

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Chomsky Noam. Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinians
1999, ISBN: 0745313450, 0896086011.
Noam Chomsky delves into a delicate subject for many Americans, Israel and the politics surrounding our unwavering support of their regime. Chomsky, himself a nominal Jewish American, takes an academic and objective approach to examining the "special relationship" between the US and Israel and the dynamics surrounding the specific exchanges that have gone on for decades. What is apparent is that Chomsky has learned and given in great detail certain specific information about Israel's actions that make those who support Israel nervous and outraged. Chomsky doesn't pull any punches when he describes Israel's reasons for invading Lebanon and the illegality of that action. He discusses the role of American Jewry and their attempt to intertwine the tragedy of the Jewish Holocaust of WWII with the destiny of Israel. To speak out against Israel, Chomsky argues, is to be dubbed anti-Semitic. The fear of being called anti-Semitic has stopped many Americans from discussing the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in an objective manner (as they would with other similar situations). He goes on to discuss the politics of the Arab-Israeli wars, popular perception and myth, and the reasons behind what motivates America to support Israel's actions with little or no criticism (even in the face of worldwide condemnation). For skeptics and other critics Chomsky includes prodigious notes and primary sources on the subject and leaves room for little doubt as to his reasoning. The newer updated version has a foreword written by Edward Said that is quite poignant and apt: "There is something profoundly moving about a mind of such noble ideals repeatedly stirred on behalf of human suffering and injustice." I couldn't have said it better myself. Far from being "anti-Semitic," this book is an honest analysis by a courageous academic crusader, willing to disregard his supposed religious affliation for the greater good and to serve the cause of justice and truth in reporting. Chomsky is not for those readers seeking an easy answer to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and is not certainly not for those without an open mind.
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