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Mortenson M.E. Computer Graphics Handbook: Geometry and Mathematics

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Mortenson M.E. Computer Graphics Handbook: Geometry and Mathematics
Industrial Press, Inc., 1990. — 270 p. — ISBN: 0831110023, 9780831110024
Successful computer graphics applications depend on skill in using certain basic geometric and mathematical principles and concepts. These principles and concepts are presented in this Computer Graphics Handbook. Each page contains a single concept or related group of concepts, often with examples and with commentary in the margins. Emphasis is on understanding and using vector and matrix algebra and a variety of transformations as they apply to constructing and displaying geometric objects.
Although Computer Graphics Handbook is not written in the usual textbook style, you can read it that way, from beginning to end, since independent and simpler concepts generally appear earlier in the sequence, and more complex concepts and those that depend on the simpler concepts appear later. This handbook can also serve as a concise, but nonetheless comprehensive, supplement to collegelevel textbooks on computer graphics or any of the popular-application programming guides.
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