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Differentiated Instruction for Advanced Students with Answer Keys

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Differentiated Instruction for Advanced Students with Answer Keys
Publisher: EMC Publishing. LLC - 2009
Paperback: 64 pages.
9 Units with Answer Keys
Differentiated Instruction for Advanced Students provides multiple opportunities to engage students and to teach them the skills necessary to excel in college-level, literature-based reading, thinking, discussion, and writing tasks. This supplement contains extended lessons for four selections from each unit in the Mirrors & Windows: Connecting with Literature Student Edition.
Each lesson focuses on a particular selection in the textbook. The lesson expands on an aspect of that selection, often in many cases taking students outside the textbook and connecting them with other pieces of literature or fields of study. Students are then asked to respond by creating products, such as written essays and research papers, multimedia presentations, and works of art and performance. A broad range of activities are offered to motivate students and encourage independent inquiry and learning, literary analysis and criticism, genre study, and in-depth exploration of primary sources and informational texts.
ISBN 978-0-82193-235-3
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