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Kiyosaki Robert. Rich Dad's Success Stories. Disk 5/5

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Rich Dad's Success Stories: Real Life Success Stories from Real Life People Who Followed the Rich Dad Lessons.
Publisher: Hachette Audio; ISBN: 1586215728; Language English; Audio CD in MP3; 328 MB
The Rich Dad series, begun in 1997, is based on Kiyosaki's childhood observations of the lessons passed down by his father, a well-educated wage slave, versus those of his closest friend's father, an eighth-grade dropout and multimillionaire. The difference, he determined, is that the poor and middle class work for money, but the rich let money work for them. The wisdom passed on by the rich dad is a type of financial literacy that is never taught in schools. Kiyosaki also developed a board game, Cashflow 101, which is used in his seminars to generate ideas on how to achieve financial independence. This book, the seventh in the series, contains real-life stories of people who applied the Rich Dad principles to their lives and are moving from the rat race of employment to the role of business owner and investor. In their own words, regular folks show how they went from financial struggle and crisis to taking control of their financial education and future.
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