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Jobling M., Hollox E., Hurles M., Kivisild T., Tyler-Smith C. Human Evolutionary Genetics

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Jobling M., Hollox E., Hurles M., Kivisild T., Tyler-Smith C. Human Evolutionary Genetics
2nd Edition. — Garland Science, 2014. — 690 p.
Now in full-color, the Second Edition of Human Evolutionary Genetics has been completely revised to cover the rapid advances in the field since publication of the highly regarded First Edition. Written for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, it is the only textbook to integrate genetic, archaeological, and linguistic perspectives on human evolution, and to offer a genomic perspective, reflecting the shift from studies of specific regions of the genome towards comprehensive genomewide analyses of human genetic diversity. Human Evolutionary Genetics is suitable for courses in Genetics, Evolution, and Anthropology. Those readers with a background in anthropology will find that the streamlined genetic analysis material contained in the Second Edition is more accessible. The new edition also integrates new technologies (including next-generation sequencing and genome-wide SNP typing) and new data analysis methods, including recent data on ancient genomes and their impact on our understanding of human evolution. The book also examines the subject of personal genomics and its implications.
An Introduction to Human Evolutionary Genetics
Organization and Inheritance of the Human Genome
Human Genome Variation
Finding and Assaying Genome Diversity
Processes Shaping Diversity
Making Inferences from Diversity
Humans as Apes
What Genetic Changes Have Made Us Human?
Origins of Modern Humans
The Distribution of Diversity
The Colonization of the Old World and Australia
Agricultural Expansions
Into New-Found Lands
What Happens When Populations Meet
Understanding the Past, Present, and Future of Phenotypic Variation
Evolutionary Insights into Simple Genetic Diseases
Evolution and Complex Diseases
Identity and Identification
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