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Fairhurst Catherine (ed.) Advances in apparel production

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Fairhurst Catherine (ed.) Advances in apparel production
England, Cambridge: Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2008. — 311 p. — ISBN 978-1-84569-295-7 (book), ISBN 978-1-84569-446-3 (e-book).

Woodhead Publishing in Textiles: Number 69
The main theme of this book is the design and production of apparel. Inevitably, most advances in these subjects depend upon computers and, more specifically, computer-aided design (CAD) systems, and so there is a concentration of the applications of these systems. Apparel production is not necessarily (in fact rarely is) in the same geographical area as the design, the financial control or the markets, therefore the CAD systems are needed as a powerful communication tool to assist speed and accuracy.
The book not only illustrates the complexity of the subject and the number of disciplines that have to be understood by the student and the practitioner in the apparel industry today, but also relies upon authors from different countries, which reflects the golbal spread of the industry. These authors have their own perspective and interpretation of advances in apparel production and it is important that students of the subject understand that there is no one right way within such a diverse and dynamic industry.
Advances in Apparel Design

Measuring and Predicting Fabric and Garment Drape.
Computer Aided Colour Matching of Apparel Fabric.
Computer-Assisted Yarn Design.
Improving Apparel Sizing and Fit.
3-D Body Scanning to Improve Apparel Fit.
Computer-Assisted Garment Design Using 3-D Body Models.
Computerised Pattern Making in Garment Production.
Advances in Apparel in Production
Advances in Apparel Product Development.
Developments in Apparel Knitting Technology.
Technological Advances in Sewing Garments.
Digital Printing of Textiles for Improved Apparel Production.
Developments in Pressing Technology for Garment Finishing .
Automated Fabric Inspection.
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