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Kapferer J.N. The New Strategic Brand Management

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Kapferer J.N. The New Strategic Brand Management
4th edition. — London: Kogan page, 2008. — 577 p.
Integrating brand and business
This is a book on strategic brand management. It capitalises on the success of the former three editions. As far as we understand from our readers worldwide (marketers, advertisers, lawyers, MBA students and so on), this success was based on six attributes which we have of course maintained:
Originality. Strategic Brand Management is quite different from all the other books on brand management. This is due to its comprehensiveness and its unique balance between theory and cases. It also promotes strong and unique working models.
Relevance. The cases and illustrations are new, unusual, and not over-exposed. They often represent business situations readers will relate to and understand more readily than over used examples using Coke, Starbucks, Cisco, Fedex, BMW and other great classics of most books and conferences on brands.
Breadth of scope. We have tried to address most of the key decisions faced by brands.
Depth of treatment. Each facet of brand management receives a deep analysis, hence the size of this edition. This is a book to consult.
Diversity. Our examples cover the fast-moving consumer goods sector (FMCG) as well as commodities, business-to-business brands, pharmaceutical brands, luxury brands, service brands, e-brands, and distributors’ brands – which are brands almost like the others.
International scope, with examples from the United States, Europe and Asia.
This fourth edition is much more than a revision of the previous one. It is a whole new book for understanding today’s brands and managing them efficiently in today’s markets. Sixteen years after the first edition, so much change has happened in the world of brands! This is why this new edition has been thoroughly updated, transformed and enriched. Of course, our models and methodologies have not changed in essence, but they have been adapted to reflect current competition and issues.
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