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Dudás I. The Theory and Practice of Worm Gear Drives

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Dudás I. The Theory and Practice of Worm Gear Drives
Penton Press, London, 2000. XXII, 314 p. — ISBN 9781 9039 96614 — (Ultra Precision Technology Series).
Worm gears are special gears that resemble screws, and can be used to drive other gears. Worm gears, enable two non-touching shafts in a machine to mesh (join) together.
This publication, unique in that it combines both theoretical and practical design aspects, including the latest results of research and development, provides detailed treatment of the theory and production of worm drives, as well as the overarching subject of production geometry of helicoidal surfaces.
Included are mathematical models for a number of practical applications; a description of dressing equipment required; treatment of inspection and measurement; the use of intelligent systems; worm gearing for power transmission; selection criteria.
Covers theory and practice of the production and use of these common machine elements
Ideal for researchers and engineers dealing with mechanical drives, gears and manufacturing
The first single volume text in this diverse field
by Professor EL. Litvin, University of Illinois
List of symbols
Classification of worm gear drives
A short history and review of the literature
A short history of the worm gear drive Development of tooth cutting theory for drives Cylindrical worm surfaces
Helicoidal surfaces having arched spatial profile
Cylindrical worm gear drives with ruled surfaces Conical helicoid surfaces Surface of tools General conclusions based on the literature Manufacturing geometry for constant pitch helicoidal surfaces
Manufacturing geometry for constant pitch helicoidal surfaces
Development of manufacturing of cylindrical worm gear drives having arched profile
Analysis and equation of helicoidal surface having circular profile in axial section
Analysis of worm manufacturing finishing; an exact solution
Problems of manufacturing geometry during final machining of worm -determination of grinding wheel profile
Investigation of geometric problems in manufacturing cylindrical helicoidal surfaces having constant lead; general mathematical -kinematic model
Investigation of geometric problems when manufacturing cylindrical helicoid surfaces using general mathematical - kinematic model
Analysis of manufacturing geometry for conical helicoid surfaces
Geometric analysis of hobs for manufacturing worm gears and face-gears mated cylindrical or conical worms
Investigation of cutting tool for manufacturing worm gear mated with worm having arched profile
General mathematical model for investigation of hobs suitable for generating cylindrical and conical worms, worm gears and face gear generators
Application of general mathematical - kinematic model to determine surface of helicoidal surface-generating tool for cylindrical thread surfaces
Machining geometry of cylindrical worm gear drive having circular profile in axial section
Machining geometry of spiroid drives
Intersection of cylindrical helicoidal surface having circular profile in axial section (ZTA) and the Archimedian thread face surface as generating curve of back surface
Generation of radial back surface with generator curve
Contact curve of the back surface and the grinding wheel
Manufactured tools for worm gear generation and other tools having helicoidal surfaces
Design and manufacture of worm gear milling cutters
Grinding wheel profiling devices
Devices operated according to mechanical principle
Advanced version of the wheel-regulating device operating on the mechanical principle
CNGcontrolled grinding wheel profiling equipment for general use
Quality control of worms
Checking the geometry of worms
Determination of worm profile deviation
Checking of helicoidal surfaces on 3D measuring machines
Use of 3D measuring machines
Checking of helicoidal surfaces by application of 3D measuring device prepared for general use (without circular table, CNC-controlled)
Results of measurement of helicoidal surfaces
Manufacture of helicoidal surfaces in modern intelligent integrated systems
Application of expert systems to the manufacture of helicoidal surfaces
Problems of manufacturing worm gear drives
Structure of the system
The full process
Intelligent automation for design and manufacture of worm gear drives
Conceptual design of helicoidal driving mates
Manufacture of worms and worm gears
Measurement and checking of helicoidal surfaces in an intelligent system
Checking of geometry using coordinate measuring machine
Development of the universal thread-grinding machine
Review of thread surfaces from the point of view of thread-grinding machines
Manufacturing problems of thread surfaces
Requirements of the thread-grinding machine
Development of a possible version
Main operating characteristics and quality assessment of worm gear drives
Testing the meshing of the mated elements
Building in the mating elements
Adjustment and position checking of contact area
Checking the important operational characteristics of worm gear drives
Running in of the drives
Determination of optimal oil level
Investigation of warming up of the drives
Investigation of efficiency of drives
Investigation of noise level of drives
Summary of results of research work
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