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Bridgman R. Eyewitness. Technology

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Bridgman R. Eyewitness. Technology
Dorling Kindersley Limited, 2000. — 64 p. — ISBN 0-7894-6186-2 (pb); ISBN 0-7894-4887-4 (hc).
Packed with superb color illustrations and fascinating facts, this highly informative guide explores all aspects of technology, from ancient artifacts to the latest advances in computer-aided design. Clearly annotated photographs and diagrams give an invaluable insight into the tools, machines,and systems that have shaped the modern world. See how the strength of different materials is measured, the structure of a suspension bridge, how keyhole surgery works, what astronauts eat in space, and how milk bottles have changed shape. Learn which materials pull and which ones push, how engines convert heat intowork, how an airplane flies, how instant coffee is created, and how a ring-pullis made. Discover why glass is a liquid, the difference between inventors and designers, what a CD is made from - and how a CD player works, how science can help protect threatened plant species, and much, much more. Discover the ways technology has transformed everyday life-from the largest structures to the smallest electronic devices.
What is technology?
Transforming materials
Cutting materials
What are metals?
Using metals
Shaping metals
Joining things together
Tension and compression
Building structures
Composite materials
ngenious mechanisms
The factory
Heat engines
Mass production
Domestic lives
The technology of the car
Taste and smell
Personal communication
Using color
Concept and design
Electronics and computing
Medical matters
Discovering usefulness
Technology and nature
Looking to the future
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