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Choraś R.S. (ed.) Image Processing and Communications Challenges 3

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Choraś R.S. (ed.) Image Processing and Communications Challenges 3
Издательство Springer, 2011, -519 pp.
This book was written to inform prospective readers of current trends in image processing and communications area. Image processing and communications represent a dynamic part of computer science, playing increasingly important role in an information era. Both are interdisciplinary areas, where researchers and practitioners may find interesting problems which can be successfully solved.
This book is a collection of carefully selected chapters presenting the fundamental theory and practice of various aspects of image data processing and communications. This book offers a fresh approach to image processing & communications and the aim of this book is to show challenges in these fields. This book presents articles on actual problems of research and application of image processing and communications technologies, especially the new approaches, in: image processing and computer vision; telecommunications networks, Web-based information systems; mathematical methods for these applications. The book consists of two sections:
1. Image processing.
2. Communications.
The image processing section of this book concentrates mainly on theories and methodologies as well as the emerging applications of image processing. Various aspects of new trends and techniques in this field are discussed in the book, covering the following topics:
- Biometrics.
- Low level processing.
- Motion, stereo and tracking.
- Pattern Recognition.
- Video.
- Medical Image Analysis.
- Applications.
The book summarises new developments in these topics. Overall, the book explores the use of feature extraction, image enhancement, visual motion analysis and processing, color models, segmentation, shape, object tracking, principal components analysis (PCA) and linear discriminants, Bayes classifiers, watermarking and encryption, compression, view-based representation.
Part I: Biometrics.
Application of the Polar-Fourier Greyscale Descriptor to the Problem of Identification of Persons Based on Ear Images.
Improved Fingerprint Enhancement Performance via GPU Programming.
Facial Features Extraction for Color, Frontal Images.
Lip-Prints Feature Extraction and Recognition.
Generic Face Invariant Model for Face Detection.
Method of the Craniofacial Forensic Reconstruction by Deformation of the Model Face.
Feature Based Face Detection Algorithm for Digital Still Images.
Part II: Low Level Processing.
Improved Credibility of Keypoint Matching by Using Co-affine Pairs of Ellipses.
Multiphase Tensor Level-Set Method for Segmentation of Natural Images.
A Distributed Approach to Color Image Segmentation.
Design of an Image Processing Interface to Existing CFD Software Platforms.
Automatic Text Localization in Natural Scene Images.
A Novel Image Auto-annotation Based on Blobs Annotation.
The Image Whole and the Image Eye Diagram [IED].
Wavelet Set with Swarm Intelligence for Edge Extraction in Images.
Part III: Motion, Stereo and Tracking.
Application of Quaternion Scale Space Approach for Motion Processing.
Improving Depth Map Quality with Markov Random Fields.
Comparison of Different Measurement Spaces for Spatio–Temporal Recurrent Track–Before–Detect Algorithm.
Face Tracking with Guaranteed Framerates on Mobile Phones.
An Approach for Model-Based 3D Human Pose Tracking, Animation and Evaluation.
Model Based Estimation of Camera Position in 3D Scene.
A Wearable Stereovision Unit in an Electronic Travel-Aid System for the Visually Impaired.
3D Object Reconstruction from Stereo Images Sequence.
Vicon Motion Capture and HD 1080 Standard Video Data Fusion Based on Minimized Markers Reprojection Error.
Part IV: Pattern Recognition.
Principal Component Analysis of Point Distance Histogram for Recognition of Stamp Silhouettes.
Designing Cost-Sensitive Ensemble – Genetic Approach.
Costs-Sensitive Classification in Two-Stage Binary Classifier.
Part V: Video.
A Novel Technique for Secure Information Transmission Using Framed Video Watermarking.
Improved Adaptive Arithmetic Coding in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Video Compression Standard.
A Novel Echoed Image Detection and Removal Technique in Real Images and Video Sequences.
TOPQS Color Local Visual Distortion Maps.
GPGPU Based Estimation of the Combined Video Quality Metric.
Part VI: Medical Image Analysis.
Automatic Breast Cancer Diagnosis Based on K-Means Clustering and Adaptive Thresholding Hybrid Segmentation.
Analysis of Changes of the Hydraulic Diameter and Determination of the Air Flow Modes in the Nasal Cavity.
An Attempt of the Determination of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Nasal Airways.
DCE-MRI Breast Image Registration for Tumour Diagnostics.
Part VII: Applications.
Segmentation of MRI Brain Images for Automatic Detection and Precise Localization of Tumor.
Solving the Hand-Hand Overlapping for Gesture Application.
Urban Object Identification in Scenes Recorded by a Smartphone.
On Reconstructing Models of Cultural Heritage Objects in Terms of Shape, Color and Appearance.
Advanced Dimensional Control on Washing Machine Sealing through Profilometry.
Adaptation of the Diffused Matrix Image Format to Store Simulated Data from FLEX / Sentinel-3 Future ESA Missions.
Film Alignment before Solder Mask Exposure.
Gaze Direction Detection for Cursor Control.
Synthizing Handwritten Arabic Text Using Active Shape Models.
Audio Compression Testing Tool for Multimedia Applications.
The Improvement of Metallographic Images.
Part VIII: Telecommunications Networks.
Innovative Man Machine Interfaces and Solutions to Support Totally Blind People.
Analysis of Degree 5 Chordal Rings for Network Topologies.
Evaluation of Optimal Resource Management Policies for WiMAX Networks with AMC: A Reinforcement Learning Approach.
Radio Communication Protocols in a History Aware Device-free Passive (DfP) Localisation.
The Study of Traffic Flow Anomalies in a LAN.
Introducing Variable Factors for Optical Backbone Interconnection Planning.
Energy Greedy Protocol Suite for Smart Grid Communication Systems Based on Short Range Devices.
A Hybrid Genetic and Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Chordal Ring Implementation in Large-Scale Networks.
Hierarchical Track–Before–Detect Algorithm for Tracking of Amplitude Modulated Signals.
Certificate-Based Authentication Using Hardware Cryptographic Devices.
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