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Ramsey Gaynor, Rees-Parnal Hilary. Well Spoken

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Ramsey Gaynor, Rees-Parnal Hilary. Well Spoken
Longman, 1989. — 64 p. — (Longman Pre-Intermediate Speaking Skills).
This series consists of books ranging from elementary to intermediate level and is designed for older teenagers and adults. The units are designed to last for a 50 minute lesson and the materials have been designed for maximum flexibility so they can be used to supplement a coursebook or to construct programmes tailored to particular needs. This is a book of fluency activities for pre-intermediate students. It uses many communicative activities to encourage students to draw on their own experience and develop the ability to talk about a variety of topics and situations. The book contains tasks and activities based on pair and group work, including discussion of texts and pictures, problem-solving, games and puzzles, and there is an emphasis on vocabulary development to encourage confidence and fluency.
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