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Andersen O. Unintended Consequences of Renewable Energy: Problems to be Solved

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Andersen O. Unintended Consequences of Renewable Energy: Problems to be Solved
Springer-Verlag London, 2013. XIII, 94 p. 16 illus. — ISBN 978-1-4471-5531-7, ISBN 978-1-4471-5532-4 (eBook), DOI 10.1007/978-1-4471-5532-
4. — (Series: Green Energy and Technology).
Energy technologies in the future will need to be based on renewable sources of energy and will, ultimately, need to be sustainable. This book provides insight into unintended, negative impacts and how they can be avoided. In order to steer away from the pitfalls and unintended effects, it is essential that the necessary knowledge is available to the developers and decision makers engaged in renewable energy. The value of this book lies in its presentation of the unintended health and environmental impacts from renewable energies.

The book presents results from cross-disciplinary research on the implementation of alternative fuels in the transport sector, namely hydrogen, electricity and biodiesel. This is followed by an assessment of environmental impacts from the production of solar cells. Critical reviews on the use of nanotechnology and nanomaterials in the energy technologies is then provided, with the formation of nanoparticles during combustion of bio-blended diesel and their toxic effects, is discussed in detail.
Content Level » Research
Keywords » Environmental and Health Impacts of Renewable Energy - Implementation of Sustainable Practices - Science and Technology Studies on Renewable Energy - Sustainable Energy Sources - Unintended Impacts of Renewable Energy
Related subjects » Energy Technology - Renewable and Green Energy - Sustainable Development
Table of Contents
Introduction: What are Unintended Consequences of Renewable Energy and How Can They be Predicted?
Rebound Effects.
Consequential Life Cycle Environmental Impact Assessment.
Implementation of Hydrogen Gas as a Transport Fuel.
Biodiesel and Its Blending into Fossil Diesel.
Towards the use of Electric Cars.
Solar Cell Production.
Final Discussion and Conclusions.
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