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Da Rosa A.V. Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes

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Da Rosa A.V. Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes
1st Edition. — Elsevier Inc., 2005. 680 p. — ISBN 13: 978-0-12-088510-7, ISBN 10: 0-12-088510-7.
Key Features
Examines the fundamentals of some non-traditional energy processes and illustrates the best way to implement these processes in our modern world.
Appropriate for all students and professionals studying the basic mechanisms of renewable energies.
Clear theory and physical examples of all principles relevant to the study of renewable energy.
Written by an internationally recognized pioneer researcher
Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes contains the technical detail necessary to understand the engineering principles that govern renewable energy application at many different levels. Focused on the fundamental mechanisms and processes that underpin energy management, it provides students with the foundation for all energy process courses. This text is organized according to the main forms of energy - heat engines, hydrogen energy, energy from the sun, and wind and water energy - with an introductory chapter of basic energy terms. From fuel cells, electrolyzers and processes for hydrogen production to biomass and windmills the author provides the most thorough examination of all aspects of renewable energy processes.
Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Students; Renewable Energy Engineers and Managers
Table of Contents
Heat Engines
A Minimum of Thermodynamics and of Kinetic Theory of Gases
Mechanical Heat Engines
Ocean Thermal Energy Converters
Radio-Noise Generators
The World of Hydrogen
Fuel Cells
Hydrogen Production
Hydrogen Storage
Energy from the Sun
Solar Radiation
Photovoltaic Converters
Wind and Water
Wind Energy
Ocean Engines
Subject Index
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