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Sárközi Alice. Classical Mongolian

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Sárközi Alice. Classical Mongolian
Muenchen: Lincom Europa, 2004. - 68 p. Languages of the World / materials 429.
The present work is a brief grammar of Classical Mongolian, or, in other words, written Mongolian that has been the literary language of all the Mongols (Khalkhas, Oirats, Buriats, Kalmyks, etc). It has never been spoken in this form and served as the language of books. Today a little modified version of this written language is used in Inner Mongolia, in the Xinjiang Autonomous region. They write and publish books in the Uighur script, however the pronunciation is far from the written form. Nowadays, the Uighur script is going to be reintroducd in the Mongolian State, it is taught in the elementary school side by side with the Cyrillic script.
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