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Qi H., Zhao B. (eds.) Cleaner Combustion and Sustainable World

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Qi H., Zhao B. (eds.) Cleaner Combustion and Sustainable World
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg and Tsinghua University Press, 2013. XIX, 1393 p. 1435 illus. — ISBN 978-3-642-30444-6, ISBN 978-3-642-30445-3 (eBook), DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-30445-3.
Cleaner Combustion and Sustainable World is the proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Coal Combustion which has a significant international influence. It concerns basic research on coal combustion and clean utilization, techniques and equipments of pulverized coal combustion, techniques and equipments of fluidized bed combustion, basic research and techniques of emission control, basic research and application techniques of carbon capture and storage (CCS), etc.
Invited Plenary Speeches
Coal and Clean Coal Technology: Challenges and Opportunities
Andrew Minchener
Ultra-supercritical (USC) Technology—The Best Practical and Economic Way to Reduce CO2 Emissions from Coal Fired Power Plants
Jianxiong Mao
CCS: Coal’s Biggest Challenge
Ligang Zheng
Coal Utilization in a Carbon Policy Uncertain World—The North America Situation
Ligang Zheng
Development of Clean Coal Technologies in Japan
M. Sato
Mercury Emission, Control and Measurement from Coal Combustion
Wei-Ping Pan, Yan Cao, and Kai Zhang
Basic Coal Quality and Combustion
Large-Eddy Simulation of Swirling Pulverized-Coal Combustion
L.Y. Hu, L.X. Zhou, Y.H. Luo, and C.S. Xu
Evolution of Weak Perturbations in Gas-Solid Suspension with Chemical Reaction
O.V. Sharypov and I.S. Anufriev
Predicting the Combustion Kinetics of Chinese Coals
Stephen Niksa and Naoki Fujiwara
The Ignition Delay, Laminar Flame Speed and Adiabatic Temperature Characteristics of n-Pentane, n-Hexane and n-Heptane Under O2/CO2a Atmosphere
Ran Zhao, Hao Liu, Xiaojiao Zhong, Zijian Wang, Ziqin Jin, Yingming Chen, and Jianrong Qiu
CFD Simulation of Combustion in a 150 MWe CFB Boiler
Nan Zhang, Wei Wang, and Jinghai Li
PIV Measurements of the Turbulence Integral Length Scale on Cold Combustion Flow Field of Tangential Firing Boiler
Wen-fei Wu, Jing-xing Xie, Zhi-jun Gong, and Bao-wei Li
Low Temperature Oxidation and Spontaneous Combustion
Characteristics of Upgraded Low Rank Coal
H.K. Choi, S.D. Kim, J.H. Yoo, D.H. Chun, Y.J. Rhim, and S.H. Lee
Conversion of Different Ash Content Brown Coal in Fluidized Bed
P. Osipov, N. Chernyavskiy, A. Ryzhkov, S. Dulienko, and A. Remenuk
Slagging Behavior of Upgraded Brown Coal and Bituminous Coal in 145 MW Practical Coal Combustion Boiler
Katsuya Akiyama, Haeyang Pak, Yoji Takubo, Toshiya Tada, Yasuaki Ueki, Ryo Yoshiie, and Ichiro Naruse
Ignition and Devolatilization of Pulverized Coals in Lower Oxygen Content O2/CO2 Atmosphere
Xiaohong Huang, Jing Li, Zhaohui Liu, Ming Yang, Dingbang Wang, and Chuguang Zheng
Large-Eddy Simulation of Ethanol Spray Combustion Using a Finite-Rate Combustion Model
K. Li, L.X. Zhou, and C.K. Chan
Investigation of a High Pressure Oxy-Coal Process
U. Renz
A Preliminary High-Pressure Thermogravimetric Study of Combustion Reactivity of a Collie Coal Char
Yii Leng Chan, Zhezi Zhang, Mingming Zhu, Chao Luan, Changfu You, and Dongke Zhang
Dynamic Behavior of Tobacco Waste in the Coal-Fired
Fluidized-Bed Boiler
Kai Zhang, Bangting Yu, Jian Chang, Honggang Chen, and Yongping Yang
Numerical Study of Furnace Process of a 600 MW Pulverized Coal Boiler Under Low Load with SNCR Application
Q.X. Cao, Y. Shi, H. Liu, C.H. Yang, and S.H. Wu
The Chemical Transformation of Calcium in Shenhua Coal During Combustion in a Muffle Furnace
Tian Sida, Zhuo Yuqun, Shu Xinqian, and Chen Changhe
Influence of Metal Additives on Pyrolysis Behavior of Bituminous Coal by TG-FTIR Analysis
Wenjuan Su, Mengxiang Fang, Jianmeng Cen, Chao Li,
Zhongyang Luo, and Kefa Cen
Rate Constant Computation on Some Elementary Reactions
of Hg During Combustion
Wang Qing, Yang Bo-wen, and Bai Jing-ru
Study on the Basic Properties of Indonesian Oil Sands
Qing Wang, Qian-qian Jiang, Jing-ru Bai, Jian Sun, and Hong-peng Liu
Effects of Fractal Pore on Coal Devolatilization
Yongli Chen, Xiaoliang Wang, Liyong Cao, and Rong He
Experiment Research of Slag Renovation in the Corner-Fired Boiler
Zhijun Gong and Wenfei Wu
Study on Geochemical Occurrences of REE in Wangqing Oil Shale
Jing-ru Bai, Qing Wang, Tong Liu, Yan-zhen Wei, and Zhang Bai
Study on Trace and Rare Earth Elements in Indonesian Oil Sands
Jing-ru Bai, Qing Wang, Hong-peng Liu, and Zhang Bai
Experimental Study of Rapid Brown Coal Pyrolysis at High Temperature
Lin Qian, Shaozeng Sun, Shun Meng, Xianyu Meng, and Yangzhou Guo
Experimental Validation of Large-Eddy Simulation for Swirling Methane-Air Non-premixed Combustion
L.Y. Hu, L.X. Zhou, Y.H. Luo, and C.S. Xu
Numerical Modeling of Pyrolysis of Sawdust in a Packed Bed
Qingmin Meng and Xiaoping Chen
Volatile Characteristic of Trace Elements During Microwave Pyrolysis of Oil Shale
Jing-ru Bai, Qing Wang, Ling-wen Kong, and Zhang Bai
Approximate-Analytical Study on Thermal Preparation and Combustion of a Coal Particle
V.V. Salomatov and Kh. Enkhjargal
Fouling Deposition Characteristic by Variation of Coal Particle Size and Deposition Temperature in DTF (Drop Tube Furnace)
Hueon Namkung, Li-hua Xu, Youngshin Jeon, and Hyungtaek Kim
Drying Kinetics Characteristic of Indonesia Lignite Coal (IBC) Using Lab Scale Fixed Bed Reactor
TaeJin Kang, DoMan Jeon, Hueon Namkung, DongHa Jang, Youngshin Jeon, and Hyungtaek Kim
Experimental Study on the Combustion Characteristics of Liquid Fuel in the Straight Tubes
Fei Yang, JunWei Li, ZhaoQiu Zhou, Xin Zhang, and NingFei Wang
Slagging and Fouling Evaluation of PC-Fired Boilers Using AshProSM
Zhanhua Ma, Felicia Iman, and Pisi Lu
Emission Control
Predicting Mercury Retention in Utility Gas Cleaning Systems with SCR/ESP/FGD Combinations or Activated Carbon Injection
Balaji Krishnakumar, Chitralkumar V. Naik, Stephen Niksa, and Naoki Fujiwara
Structure Optimization of CFB Reactor for Moderate Temperature FGD
Yuan Li, Jie Zhang, Kai Zheng, and Changfu You
Experiment Study on NOx Reduction Through Biomass Reburning in an Entrained Flow Reactor
P. Lu, Y. Wang, F. Lu, and Y. Liu
Adsorption Characteristics of SO2, NO by Steam Activated Biomass Chars
Fei Lu, Tong Shu, Kuan Wang, and Ping Lu
Successful Design and Application of SNCR Parallel to Combustion Modification
Dongxian Zhao, Leping Tang, Xiaozhen Shao, Derun Meng, Hongjian Li, Wei Zhou, and Guang Xu
Study on Pore Structure Properties of Steam Activated Biomass Chars
Tong Shu, Fei Lu, Qinchao Wang, and Ping Lu
Mercury Speciation and Fine Particle Size Distribution on Combustion of Chinese Coals
Lei Zhang, Michael Daukoru, Sarah Torkamani, Shuxiao Wang, Jiming Hao, and Pratim Biswas
The Study of Calcium Sulfate Decomposition by Experiments Under O2/CO2 Atmosphere
Y. Liu, H. Zhou, Y.H. Liu, R. Stanger, L. Elliot, T. Wall, and K.F. Cen
Numerical Investigation of Influence Thermal Preparation Coal on Nitric Oxides Formation in Combustion Process
N. Chernetskaya, M. Chernetsky, and A. Dekterev
The Application of Zonal TM Combustion Monitoring and Tuning System to Coal Boilers for Efficiency Improvement and Emissions Reduction
Guang Xu, Wei Zhou, Neil C. Widmer, and David K. Moyeda
Bench-Scale Studies on Capture of Mercury on Mineral Non-carbon Based Sorbents
Yang Li, Jost O.L. Wendt, Junying Zhang, and Chuguang Zheng
Trace Elements Partitioning During Coal Combustion in Fluidized
Bed Under O2/CO2 Atmosphere
Haixin Li, Changsui Zhao, Cai Liang, Lunbo Duan, and Huichao Chen
Effect of Phosphorous Transformation on the Reduction of PM10 Formation During Co-Combustion of Coal and Sewage Sludge .
J.K. Zhuo, M. Dong, G.D. Li, L. Duan, S.Q. Li, Q. Song, and Q. Yao
Experimental Study of Volatile-N Conversion at O2/CO2 Atmosphere in a Drop Tube Furnace
Huali Cao, Shaozeng Sun, Hao Chen, Xianyu Meng,
Dong Wang, and Terry F. Wall
Leaching Characteristics of Trace Elements in Desulfurization
Gypsum from a Coal-Fired Power Plant .
Y.K. Liu, Y.Q. Zhuo, Z.W. Zhu, and C.H. Chen
Study on Fine Particles Influence on Sodium Sulfite and Oxygen
Gas-Liquid Reaction
Tao Shuchang, Zhao Bo, Wang Shujuan, Zhuo Yuqun, and Chen Changhe
Mercury Removal from Coal Combustion Flue Gas by Fly Ash
Junyan Kuang, Wenqing Xu, Tingyu Zhu, and Pengfei Jing
Utilization and Mitigation of VAM/CMM Emissions by a Catalytic
Combustion Gas Turbine
K. Tanaka, Y. Yoshino, H. Kashihara, and S. Kajita
Numerical Simulation of Flow in De-NOx Catalyst Honeycomb with NOx Reduction Reaction
K. Tanno, R. Kurose, H. Makino, and S. Komori
Study on Kinetic Parameters and Reductive Decomposition Characteristics of FGD Gypsum
Jing Zhang and Ping Lu
Investigation on the Transient Enthalpy of Coal Combustion
Pei-fang Fu, Na Wang, Bo Yu, Bin Zhang, Yang Liu, and Huai-chun Zhou
Mercury Speciation in Air-Coal and Oxy-Coal Combustion
Hui Wang, Yufeng Duan, and Yongqiu Mao
Study on the Associated Removal of Pollutants from Coal-Firing Flue Gas Using Biomass Activated Carbon Pellets
Cuiping Wang, Wanli Yuan, and Haiying Qi
Adsorptive Removal of SO2 from Coal Burning by Bamboo Charcoal
Zengqiang Tan, Jianrong Qiu, Jun Xiang, and Hancai Zeng
Self-Supporting Power Plant – Capturing Evaporated Water and Save Energy a New Source of Water
Ludwin Daal, Frank deVos, Rob Heijboer, Bert Bekker, and Xiu Xiu Gao
Pyrolysis Properties of Potential Biomass Fuels in Southwestern China
Ling Qin, Qinghai Li, Aihong Meng, and Yanguo Zhang
Experimental Study and Mechanism Analysis of Modified Limestone by Red Mud for Improving Desulfurization
Hongtao Liu, Kuihua Han, Shengli Niu, Chunmei Lu, Mengqi Liu, and Hui Li
Simulation Analysis of Biomass Gasification in an Autothermal Gasifier Using Aspen Plus
Zhongbin Fu, Yaning Zhang, Hui Liu, Bo Zhang, and Bingxi Li
Emission and Properties of NOx Generated During Coal
Grate-Fired in O2/N2/CO2
Li Xu, Jian-min Gao, Lai-fu Zhao, Guang-bo Zhao, and Shaohua Wu
Study on the Influence of CaO on NH3 +NO+O2 Reaction System in Pre-calciner
J.S. Tang, Q. Song, S.L. Fu, X.Y. Wu, and Q. Yao
Experimental Study on the Desulfurization Performance of Magnesium Slag
Baoguo Fan, Yan Jin, Xianrong Zheng, Xiaolei Qiao, and Xutao Wang
The Emission Characteristic of PAHs During Coal and Sewage Sludge Co-combustion in a Drop Tube Furnace
Wangsheng Chen, Linbo Qin, Jun Han, and Hong Yao
Modeling of Mercury Speciation and Capture in Coal-Fired Flue Gas
Heyang Wang, Zhanhua Ma, Pisi Lu, Yan Cao, and Wei-Ping Pan
Catalytic Mechanism of NaY Zeolite Supported FeSO4 Catalyst for Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx
Wen Ren, Bo Zhao, Yuqun Zhuo, and Changhe Chen
Fluidized Bed Combustion
Research on Coal Pyrolysis and Combustion Poly-generation System
Mengxiang Fang, Jianmeng Cen, Chao Li, Qinhui Wang, Shurong Wang, Zhongyang Luo, Kefa Cen, Zhichuan Chao, Xiaoling Zhang, Xingdao Rao, Ganlin Dong, Jiping Wang, and Yuan Wang
Numerical Simulation of the Gas-Solid Flow in a Square Circulating Fluidized Bed with Secondary Air Injection
Zhengyang Wang, Shaozeng Sun, Ningbo Zhao, Shaohua Wu, and Yufei Tan
Experimental on Fly Ash Recirculation with Bottom Feeding to Improve the Performance of a Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler Co-burning Coal Sludge
Lunbo Duan, Guiling Xu, Daoyin Liu, Xiaoping Chen, and Changsui Zhao
Three-Dimensional Simulation and Experimental Investigation of a Novel Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Reactor
H.Y. Zhang, S.S. Shao, R. Xiao, Q.W. Pan, R. Chen, and J.B. Zhang
Effect of Coal Blending on the Leaching Characteristics of Arsenic and Selenium in Fly Ash from Fluidized Bed Coal Combustion
F. Jiao, L. Zhang, N. Yamada, A. Sato, and Yoshihiko Ninomiya
Mass Balance Performance of A 300 MW CFB Boiler Burning Blend Fuel with Different Mixing Ratio
Yang Chen, Junnan Chao, Hairui Yang, Junfu Lv, Hai Zhang, Qing Liu, and Guangxi Yue
Measurement of Gas-Solid Flow Pattern in Rectangle Cross-Section in CFB by Electrical Capacitance Tomography
Jingji Li, Wei Wang, Hairui Yang, Hai Zhang, and Qing Liu
The Investigation of the Coal Ignition Temperature in Oxygen-Enriched Atmosphere by TGA
Junnan Chao, Hairui Yang, Yang Chen, Junfu Luv, Hai Zhang, and Qing Liu
Application of Digital Image Processing Methods on the Cluster Structure at the Wall of a Circulating Fluidized Bed
Li Hai-guang, Zhao Zeng-wu, Li Bao-wei, and Wu Wen-fei
Energy and Exergy Evaluation of Product Gas from Coal/Biomass Blend Gasification in a Dual Circulating Fluidized Bed Reactor
Yaning Zhang, Zhongbin Fu, Bingxi Li, Hongtao Li, and Bo Zhang
Fundamental Study of the Pulverized Coal Char Combustion in Oxyfuel Mode with Drop Tube Furnace
Takamasa Ito, Makoto Takafuji, Toshiyuki Suda, and Toshiro Fujimori
Utilization of Desulfurization Gypsum to Producing SO2 and Cao in Multi-Stage Fluidized Bed
Zhu Miao, Tao Wang, Hairui Yang, Hai Zhang, and Xuyi Zhang
Study and Design of Platen Superheater of 300 MW CFB Boiler
Zhang Man, Lv Qinggang, Jiang Xiaoguo, and Sun Yunkai
Research and Design of 330 MW Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler
Sun Xianbin, Jiang Minhua, Yu Long, Zhang Yanjun, Shi Zhenghai, Wang Fengjun, Zhang Man, and Huang Zhong
3D Full-Loop Simulation of an Industrial-Scale Circulating Fluidized Boiler
Bona Lu, Nan Zhang, Wei Wang, and Jinghai Li
Experimental Investigation on Secondary Air Jet Penetration Depth in the Dense Zone of a Circulating Fluidized Bed
Shaozeng Sun, Ningbo Zhao, Zhengyang Wang, and Mingkun Du
DEM-Based Models for Solids Exchange in a Pant Leg Fluidized Bed
Chunzhen Yang, Yufeng Duan, and Haitao Hu
Experimental Investigation on a 0.35 MWth Coal-Fired Horizontal Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler
Meng Aihong, Li Qinghai, Zhang Yanguo, Wang Zhaojun, and Dang Wenda
Raman Spectroscopy and X-ray Diffraction Analysis of the Structural Characteristics of Fluidized Bed Gasification Fly Ash
L. Kelebopile, R. Sun, X. Zhang, and P. Xu
Industrial Applications and Coal Use
Experimental Investigation on Improving the Removal Effect of WFGD System on Fine Particles by Heterogeneous Condensation
Jingjing Bao, Linjun Yang, Jinpei Yan, Guilong Xiong, and Xianglin Shen
Performance Simulations for Co-gasification of Coal and Methane
Stephen Niksa, J.-P. Lim, D. del Rio Diaz Jara, D. Eckstrom, D. Steele, R. Malhotra, and R.B. Wilson
Experimental Study on Low Temperature Pyrolysis of Forestry Residues
Qinchao Wang, Tong Shu, Fei Lu, and Ping Lu
Mathematical Modeling and Optimization of Parameters of Coal-Fired Combined Cycle Unit with Gas-Turbine Cycle
Working Medium Heated in Periodic Regenerative Heat Exchangers
A.M. Kler, E.A. Tyurina, A.S. Mednikov, and E.V. Staheeva
A Improved Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process Application in Prevention High Temperature Corrosion
Haiyu Liu, Houzhang Tan, Xiaohe Xiong, Linzhi Yao, Yanqing Niu, Lin Ma, and Tongmo Xu
Prediction of Calorific Value of Coal Using Real Power Plant Data
Haiyu Liu, Houzhang Tan, Xiaohe Xiong, Linzhi Yao, Yanqing Niu, Yang Liu, and Tongmo Xu
Measurement of CO2 Gasification Rate of Coal Char Under High Pressure and High Temperature Using a Mini Directly-Heated Reactor
Kouichi Miura, Mitsunori Makino, Eiji Sasaoka, Syunsuke Imai, and Ryuichi Ashida
Preliminary Experimental Studies of Waste Coal Gasification
S. Su, Y.G. Jin, X.X. Yu, and R. Worrall
Process Simulation and Optimization for Fry Drying of Low Rank Coal
D.H. Chun, S.D. Kim, Y.J. Rhim, N.S. Rho, H.K. Choi, J.H. Yoo, J.H. Lim, and S.H. Lee
Effects of the Secondary Oxygen Injection on the Performance of a Staged-Entrained Flow Coal Gasifier
Cai Chunrong, WU Yuxin, Zhang Jiansheng, Yue Guangxi, LU ¨ Junfu, and Zhang Hai
Effects of Reducing Conditions on the Properties of Molten Slag in an Entrained Bed Gasifier
Y. Wei, H. Li, N. Yamada, A. Sato, Y. Ninomiya, K. Honma, T. Tanosaki, M. Kawaguchie, and N. Tatarazakof
Development and Application of Gradient Heat Flux Measurement for Industrial Boiler Furnaces
S.Z. Sapozhnikov, K.A. Grigoryev, V. Yu. Mitiakov, A.V. Mitiakov, Yu. A. Roundyguine, and V.V. Osmanov
Calculating Analysis of Firing Different Composition Artificial Coal Liquid Fuels (ACLF) in the Cyclone Primary Furnace
A. Tsepenok, Yu. Ovchinnikov, and F. Serant
Forecast of Advanced Technology Adoption for Coal Fired Power Generation Towards the Year of 2050
Keiji Makino
Reduction of Ash Deposition in Pulverized Coal Fired Boilers
I. Naruse, R. Yoshiie, Y. Ueki, M. Matsuura, and H. Naganuma
Co-firing of Coal with Biomass and Waste in Full-Scale Suspension-Fired Boilers
Kim Dam-Johansen, Flemming J. Frandsen, Peter A. Jensen, and Anker D. Jensen
Examination of Oxygen-Enriched Gasification Process for Municipal Solid Wastes in South China
Hongyu Huang, Haoran Yuan, Noriyuki Kobayashi, Ashwani K. Gupta, Xiong Zuhong, Yong Chen, and Kuniyuki Kitagawa
Combustion of Pre-dried Brown Coal in Enriched with Oxygen Atmosphere
H. Pawlak-Kruczek, M. Czerep, J. Długosz, J. Zgo ´ra, and M. Ostrycharczyk
Low Temperature Gasification of Biomass Using Ni-Loaded Brown Coal
Takayuki Takarada, Jing-Pei Cao, Xian-Bin Xiao, Kazuyoshi Sato, and Yukiko Ogawa
Combined Heat and Power System with Advanced Gasification Technology for Biomass Wastes
S. Mochida, T. Abe, T. Yasuda, and A.K. Gupta
CFD and CHD in Random Packing Columns with Seawater Desulfurization
Mei-Shan Gao, Shi-He Wang, Xiao-Ming Wang, and Ming-Chun Guo
Improvement in Super Heater Deposition of Straw Boiler Based on Numerical Simulation
Lv Tai, Ting-ting Zhou, and Hai Wang
Study on Optimizing Proportion of the Briquette with Orthogonal Experiments
Peng Sha, Ting-ting Zhou, and Lv Tai
Experimental Study on the Combustion Characteristics of Liquid Fuel in the Straight Tubes
Fei Yang, JunWei Li, ZhaoQiu Zhou, Xin Zhang, and NingFei Wang
Experimental Studies of SO2 Absorption in the Sieve-Plate wet FGD Absorber
Jiancai Sui, Jiajia Deng, Liqiang Zhang, and Chunyuan Ma
Study on Pneumatic Conveying Characteristics of Top Discharge Blow Tank of Pulverized Coal
Guiling Xu, Xiaoping Chen, Cai Liang, Changsui Zhao, and Pan Xu
118 Slagging Gasifier Refractories: A New Pathway to Longer Refractory Life Mark Schnake
The Influence of Atomizer Internal Design and Liquid Physical Properties on Effervescent Atomizing of Coal-Water Slurry
Meng Liu and Yufeng Duan
Efficient Use of Low Rank Coal: Current Status of Low Rank Coal Utilization
Sihyun Lee, Sangdo Kim, Hokyung Choi, Donghyuk Chun, Younjun Rhim, Jiho Yoo, and Jeongwhan Lim
Influence of Coal Preoxidation on the Porosity of the Activated Carbons with Steam Activation
Yuwen Zhu, Jihui Gao, Fei Sun, Yang Li, Shaohua Wu, and Yukun Qin
Experimental Study on Drying of Low Rank Coal by Changed Temperature and Particle Size
Xiang-Zhou Yuan, TaeJim Kang, DoMan Jeon, Hueon Namkung, YoungSin Jeon, and Hyung-Taek Kim
The Application of Low Rank Coal on IGCC Plant by the Developed Simulation Model
Chun-Yang He and Hyung-Taek Kim
Co-Gasification of Oil Sand Coke with Coal
Farshid Vejahati and Rajender Gupta
Pulverized Coal Combustion
Modeling of a Single Char Particle Burning in Oxygen-Enriched O2/N2 and O2/CO2 Environment
Y. Chen and C.D. Sheng
Numerical Study on NO Formation in a Pulverized Coal-Fired Furnace Using Oxy-Fuel Combustion
Aiyue Zhang, Yuan Chen, and Changdong Sheng
The Guidelines for the Design and Layout of Oxy-Fuel Combustor Based on the Experiments of Pulverized Coal Combusted in Ar, N2 and CO2 Respectively
Yu Li, Weidong Fan, Peng Ren, Kang Wang, and Junchao Wang
Significant Roles of Inherent Fine Included Mineral Particles in the Emission of PM1–10 During Pulverised Coal Combustion
Xiangpeng Gao and Hongwei Wu
Numerical Simulations of a Large Scale Oxy-Coal Burner
Taeyoung Chae, Sanghyun Park, Changkook Ryu, and Won Yang
Simulation of Coal-Dust Combustion in the Boiler Furnace of 800 MW
M.J. Chernetsky, A.A. Dekterv, A.A. Gavrilov, E.S. Tepfer, and V.V. Vasilyev
Mitsubishi Latest Coal Fired USC Boiler Technology (CFE Pacifico 700 MW)
T. Hashimoto, K. Sakamoto, and M. Fujitab
Comparison of Char Structural Characteristics and Reactivity During Conventional Air and Oxy-Fuel Combustion
Xiaowei Liu, Minghou Xu, Hong Yao, Ying Gu, Junping Si, and Chao Xiong
Low-Temperature Swirl Fuel Combustion: Development and Experience
K.A. Grigoryev, Yu. A. Roundyguine, V.E. Skuditskii, R.G. Anoshin, A.P. Paramonov, and A.A. Trinchenko
Emission of NO and SO2 in a 300 kW Pilot Scale O2/RFG Combustion
Tai Zhang, Zhaohui Liu, Xiaohong Huang, Jingzhang Liu, Dingbang Wang, and Chuguang Zheng
Large-Eddy Simulation of Pulverized Coal Combustion in Swirling Flow
K. Tanno, H. Watanabe, N. Hashimoto, R. Kurose, and H. Shirai
Numerical Analysis of Loads Effect on Combustion Performance
and NOx Emissions of a 220 MW Pulverized Coal Boiler
Jun Li, Radosław Jankowski, Michał Kotecki, Weihong Yang, Dariusz Szewczyk, Wlodzimierz Blasiak, and Artur Brzdekiewicz
Numerical Simulation of Two Phase Flow Characteristic in Dynamic-Static Separator
Lv Tai and Ting-ting Zhou
Modeling of Aerodynamics in Vortex Furnace
I. Anufriev, V. Salomatov, Y. Anikin, D. Krasinsky, O. Sharypov, and Kh. Enkhjargal
Effect of Oxygen-Enriched Condition on Ignition Favorable Region in High-Temperature Oxygen-Enriched Pulverized Coal Ignition
Liu Guo-wei, Zhang Yan, Dong Peng, and Bie Ru-shan
Different Sorbents in Calcium Looping Cycle for CO2 Capture
Cong Luo, Ying Zheng, and Ning Ding
Analysis on the Influence of Coal Properties on NOx Emissions of Large-Scale Boilers Equipped with Advanced Low-NOx Combustion Systems
Shen Yue-yun, Gao Xiao-tao, and Zhang Ming-yao
Numerical Simulation of Altitude Impact on Pulverized Coal Combustion
Pei Xiaohui, He Boshu, Ling Ling, and Wang Lei
The Influence Factor Analyses of Non-stable Combustion in the Ignition Process of Gasifier
Kuang Jian-ping, Zhang Shi-cheng, Jie Tao, Cao Feng, Chen Xu-si, Li Hang, and Liu Yong-sun
Carbon Particles Mass Concentration Effect on Dusts Ignition and Burning Parameters
S.G. Orlovskaya, O.N. Zuj, and F.F. Karimova
Burning of High-Ash Ekibastuz Coal in the Boiler Furnace of 300–500 MW Power Units
A.R. Kvrivishvili, A.I. Tsepenok, F.A. Serant, V.V. Gordeev, E.A. Mezhov, and A.A. Lavrinenko
Effects on Design and Operation of Coal-Fired Utility Boilers with Changes of Coal Qualities
Cao Yu-chun and Wang Zheng-wei
Syngas Production from Coal Gasification with CO2 Rich Gas Mixtures
M.S. Alam, A.T. Wijayanta, K. Nakaso, and J. Fukai
Numerical Study on the Stereo-Staged Combustion Properties of a 600 MWe Tangentially Fired Boiler
Zhengyang Wang, Shaozeng Sun, Lin Qian, Shun Meng, and Yufei Tan
Evaluation of Sulfide Corrosion Conditions in Pulverized Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant Boilers
M. Morinaga, S. Najima, N. Wakabayashi, and H. Shirai
Effect of Elbow Structure on Gas-Solid Separation and Flow Field Adjacent to the Exit of the Swirl Burner
Bo Li, Hai Zhang, Yuxin Wu, Kai Cui, Hairui Yang, and Junfu Lu
Numerical Study on the Impact of Varying Operation Conditions on NOx Emissions of Large-Scale Pulverized Coal-Fired Utility Boiler
Shen Yue-yun, Gao Xiao-tao, and Zhang Ming-yao
Results from Trialling Aqueous NH3 Based Post Combustion Capture in a Pilot Plant at Munmorah Power Station: Desorption
Hai Yu, Scott Morgan, Andrew Allport, Aaron Cottrell, Thong Do, James McGregor, Leigh Wardhaugh, and Paul Feron
Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS)
CO2 Capture Performance Using Limestone Modified with Propionate Acid During Calcium Looping Cycle
Sun Rongyue, Li Yingjie, Liu Hongling, Wu Shuimu, and Lu Chunmei
Calcium Looping Technology Using Improved Stability Nanostructured Sorbent for Cyclic CO2 Capture
Cong Luo, Ying Zheng, Ning Ding, and Chu-guang Zheng
Validation of CFD-Models for Non-stoichiometric Oxycoal Combustion
Jan-Peter Bohn, Adrian Goanta, Andreas Baumgartner, Maximilian Blume, and Hartmut Spliethoff
Preparation and Application of the SGCS-Made CaO/ZrO2 Sorbent for Cyclic CO2 Capture
Baowen Wang, Haibo Zhao, Ying Zheng, Zhaohui Liu, and Chuguang Zheng
Simulation and Exergy Analysis of a 600 MWe Oxy-Combustion Pulverized Coal-Fired Power Plant
Jie Xiong, Haibo Zhao, Meng Chen, and Chuguang Zheng
The Plant for Co-production of Synfuel and Electricity with Reduced
CO2 Emissions
A.M. Kler, E.A. Tyurina, and A.S. Mednikov
Reactor Design, Cold-Model Experiment and CFD Modeling for Chemical Looping Combustion
Shaohua Zhang, Jinchen Ma, Xintao Hu, Haibo Zhao, Baowen Wang, and Chuguang Zheng
The Influence of Included Minerals on the Intrinsic Reactivity of Chars Prepared Under N2 and CO2 Environment
Hong Zhang, Huan Li, Jiabao Chen, Bo Zhao, and Guangzhou Hu
Comparisons of Ash Particle Properties Under Air and Oxy Coal Combustion in a 25 kW One-Dimensional Down Fired Furnace
G.D. Li, S.Q. Li, M. Dong, R.L. Axelbaum, and Q. Yao
Reactivation Properties of Carbide Slag as a CO2 Sorbent During Calcination/Carbonation Cycles
Yingjie Li, Rongyue Sun, Hongling Liu, and Chunmei Lu
The Effects of De-humidification and O2 Direct Injection in Oxy-PC Combustion
C.G. Choi, I.H. Na, J.W. Lee, T.Y. Chae, and W. Yang
Progress Update of the Air Blown IGCC and Gasification Plant
Takao Hashimoto, Koichi Sakamoto, and Hiromi Ishii
Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2 Over Sol-Gel Derived Copper-Doped Titania Catalysts
Chong Tian, Yongchun Zhao, Junying Zhang, and Chuguang Zheng
Comparison of Three Mineral Candidates in Middle and Low-Pressure Condition: Experimental Study
Heng Yan, Jun-ying Zhang, Yong-chun Zhao, Zhi-liang Wang, Xia Pan, Jun Xu, and Chu-guang Zheng
Numerical Investigation on IRZ Dimension and Optimization of a 0.3 MWt Swirl Oxy-Firing Flame in High Confinements
Jingzhang Liu, Sheng Chen, Zhaohui Liu, Ke Peng, Nan Zhou, Xiaohong Huang, Tai Zhang, and Chuguang Zheng
Thermal Degradation of Ethanolamine in CO2 Capture with SO2 a
S. Zhou, S. Wang, C. Chen, and X. Xu
Effect of Combustion Characteristics on Wall Radiative Heat Flux in a 100 MWe Oxy-Coal Combustion Plant
S. Park, C. Ryu, T.Y. Chae, W. Yang, Y. Kim, S. Lee, and S. Seo
Study of Limestone Thermal Decomposition in O2/CO2 Atmosphere
L.N. Tian, H.P. Chen, H.P. Yang, X.H. Wang, and S.H. Zhang
Life Cycle Analysis of CO2 Control Technology: Comparison of Coal-Fired Power with Renewable Energy Power
Shujuan Wang, Yinying Chen, Ping Zhong, Li Jia, and Yingxin Zhu
Dual Phase Sorbents for High Temperature Air Separation
Mehdi M. Alipour, Rajender Gupta, and John Nychka
Prediction of Heat Recovery Characteristics of Oxyfuel Combustion
Boiler Using CFD
Makoto Takafuji, Toshiyuki Suda, Takamasa Ito, and Toshihiko Yamada
Development of Binder-Supported CaSO4 Oxygen Carriers for Chemical Looping Combustion of Methane
Ning Ding, Ying Zheng, Cong Luo, Guan Bian, Peifang Fu, and Chuguang Zheng
Effects of SO2/NO on CO2 Capture Characteristics of K2CO3/Al2O3 in a Bubbling Fluidized-Bed Reactor
Ye Wu, Xiaoping Chen, Chuanwen Zhao, and Wei Dong
Cyclic CO2 Capture Performance of Carbide Slag: Parametric Study
Deng-Feng Zhang, Peng-Fei Zhao, Song-Geng Li, and Wen-Li Song
Ignition and Combustion Characteristics of Different Rank Coals in O2/CO2 Environments
Yuegui Zhou, Wei Chu, Guangjin Gu, Yangyang Xu, and Jost O.L. Wendt
Experimental Study on Efficient Absorption of Carbon Dioxide from Simulation Flue Gas by Rotary Packed Bed
Lijuan He, Jieqiong Li, Lifeng Chen, Yanling Ni, Gangyi Xu, Yuxiang Zhang, and Wenfei Wu
Hydrodynamic Analysis of a Three-Fluidized Bed Reactor Cold Flow Model for Chemical Looping Hydrogen Generation: Pressure Characteristics
Zhipeng Xue, Wenguo Xiang, Shiyi Chen, and Dong Wang
Techno-Economic Analysis of Lignite Fuelled IGCC with CO2 Capture: Comparing Fluidized Bed and Entrained Flow Gasifiers
Guangjian Liu, Zhen Wu, and Haiying Zhang
Study on CO2 Absorption Enhancement by Adding Active Carbon Particles into MEA Solution
Juan Qian, Rui Sun, Lian Ma, and Shaozeng Sun
Comparison of CO2 Fixation in Spent Oil Sand Between Experiment and Simulation
Dure Han, Dongha Jang, Yeongshin Jeon, and Hyungtaek Kim
Attrition and Cyclic CO2 Capture of CaO Pellets with Aluminates Under Pressurized Carbonation
H.C. Chen, C.S. Zhao, Y.M. Yang, and P.P. Zhang
Application and Demonstration of Oxyfuel Combustion Technologies to the Existing Power Plant in Australia
Terutoshi Uchida, Toshihiko Yamada, Shuzo Watanabe, Takashi Kiga, Takahiro Gotou, Nobuhiro Misawa, and Chris Spero
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