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Londerville Stephen B., Baukal Charles E. Jr. (eds.) The Coen & Hamworthy Combustion Handbook. Fundamentals for Power, Marine & Industrial Applications

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Londerville Stephen B., Baukal Charles E. Jr. (eds.) The Coen & Hamworthy Combustion Handbook. Fundamentals for Power, Marine & Industrial Applications
CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2013. 561 p. 390 Illustrations. — ISBN 13: 978-1-4398-7334-2 (eBook - PDF). — (Series: Industrial Combustion).
Presents detailed coverage of Coen, Hamworthy, and Todd brand burners, which are prevalent in the worldwide market for boiler burners
Builds from combustion engineering fundamentals to offer practical, state-of-the-art solutions to combustion system problems for industrial, marine, and utility applications
Reviews the principles of units, fluids, chemistry, fuels, and heat transfer required to perform calculations and sizing
Covers the combustion of gas, liquid, and solid fuels, including the oxidation and pneumatic conveying of solid fuels
Discusses atomizer theory and practical performance predictions for atomizers
Reflects the latest developments in alternative fuels and emissions control
Includes 390 full-color illustrations, tables, diagrams, and photographs
The rigorous treatment of combustion can be so complex that the kinetic variables, fluid turbulence factors, luminosity, and other factors cannot be defined well enough to find realistic solutions. Simplifying the processes,The Coen & Hamworthy Combustion Handbook provides practical guidance to help you make informed choices about fuels, burners, and associated combustion equipment—and to clearly understand the impacts of the many variables. Editors Stephen B. Londerville and Charles E. Baukal, Jr, top combustion experts from John Zink Hamworthy Combustion and the Coen Company, supply a thorough, state-of-the-art overview of boiler burners that covers Coen, Hamworthy, and Todd brand boiler burners.
A Refresher in Fundamentals and State-of-the-Art Solutions for Combustion System Problems
Roughly divided into two parts, the book first reviews combustion engineering fundamentals. It then uses a building-block approach to present specific computations and applications in industrial and utility combustion systems, including those for
Transport and introduction of fuel and air to a system
Safe monitoring of the combustion system
Control of flows and operational parameters
Design of a burner/combustion chamber to achieve performance levels for emissions and heat transfer
Avoidance of excessive noise and vibration and the extension of equipment life under adverse conditions
Coverage includes units, fluids, chemistry, and heat transfer, as well as atomization, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), noise, auxiliary support equipment, and the combustion of gaseous, liquid, and solid fuels. Significant attention is also given to the formation, reduction, and prediction of emissions from combustion systems. Each chapter builds from the simple to the more complex and contains a wealth of practical examples and full-color photographs and illustrations.
Practical Computations and Applications for Industrial and Utility Combustion Systems
A ready reference and refresher, this unique handbook is designed for anyone involved in combustion equipment selection, sizing, and emissions control. It will help you make calculations and decisions on design features, fuel choices, emissions, controls, burner selection, and burner/furnace combinations with more confidence.
List of Figures
List of Tables
Stephen B. Londerville, Timothy Webster, and Charles E. Baukal, Jr
Engineering Fundamentals
Stephen B. Londerville
Combustion Fundamentals
Stephen B. Londerville, Joseph Colannino, and Charles E. Baukal, Jr
John Ackland, Jeff White, Richard T. Waibel, and Stephen B. Londerville
Oil Atomization
Ping Chung and Stephen B. Londerville
Solid Fuel Combustion in Suspension
Stephen B. Londerville and Timothy Webster
Heat Transfer
Stephen B. Londerville, Charles E. Baukal, Jr., and Jay Karan
Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics
Stephen B. Londerville and Wes Bussman
CFD-Based Combustion Modeling
Michael A. Lorra and Shirley X. Chen
Pollutant Emissions
Charles E. Baukal, Jr., I.-Ping Chung, Stephen B. Londerville, James G. Seebold, and Richard T. Waibel
Wes Bussman, Jay Karan, Carl-Christian Hantschk, and Edwin Schorer
Combustion Controls, Burner Management, and Safety Systems
Vladimir Lifshits
Blowers for Combustion Systems
John Bellovich and Jim Warren
Burners and Combustion Systems for Industrial and Utility Boilers
Vladimir Lifshits
Duct Burners
Peter F. Barry, Stephen L. Somers, Stephen B. Londerville, Kenneth Ahn, and Kevin Anderson
Air Heaters
Nigel Webley
Marine and Offshore Applications
Richard Price
Appendix A: Units and Conversions
Appendix B: Physical Properties of Materials
Appendix C: Properties of Gases and Liquids
Appendix D: Properties of Solids
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